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ICAST 2009 Coverage

A New “Secret Weapon” for Bass


Date: 8/8/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Secret Weapon
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Secret Weapon expands their arsenal with more products this season, the common theme behind all these new lures is the ability to customize the lures on the fly, giving anglers increased freedom to target bass in a wider variety of applications.  


The Sidearm Spinnerbait can be customized with two parallel running blades to create even more commotion in the water


Sidearm Spinnerbait: At the show we were met by the president of Secret Weapon, Joe Haubenreich, who showed us his newest designs starting with the Sidearm Spinnerbait. Designed for anglers who want to adapt quickly to changing conditions, the Secret Weapon Sidearm offers anglers more options than ever before when it comes to spinnerbait customization.


Anglers can add or subtract different blades


A removable V-frame blade bar supports dual, side-by-side spinner blade attachments. Not only can these Quick-clip, inline blades be removed and replaced in seconds, but the entire blade bar can be un-clipped and the bait converted to a single- or tandem-blade short-arm spinnerbait. The Sidearm is designed for targeting bass, pike, and muskies in freshwater and snook and redfish in the salt. There are 18 patterns in three sizes and four blade combinations and each kit retails for $8.49.


The Crank, Spin & Buzz kit gives anglers plenty of options


Crank, Spin & Buzz Kit: Looking for even more flexibility? Secret Weapon offers a 22 piece kit which includes everything that you need to swim a jig, make your own spinnerbaits, or make your own buzzbaits. Like all of Secret Weapon's other lures this kit can be customized on the fly in seconds.


Combine a swimming head with a blade arm and you have a spinnerbait


The kit comes with a variety of Culprit trailers and eight premium silicon skirts so you can mix and match colors. To vary retrieves a number of different blade types are also bundled. Each kit retails for $29.99 and is available now.


Secret Weapon brings back the popular Clacker Spinnerbait


The Clacker is back: Persuader American Angling was the distributor for this lure back in 2005 and now Secret Weapon has an exclusive license for this proven product, and is reintroducing them as the "Pro Assassinator Clacker." The patented wire frame of the Pro Assassinator Clacker spinnerbait allows the twin willowleaf blades to spin independently but occasionally collide with each other. The clacking noise and erratic flutter of the flashing blades is designed to draw attention and incite strikes. These precision-crafted spinnerbaits offer the same top-quality finish and components that anglers have come to expect of all Secret Weapon products. Available in a wide range of patterns the Clacker is available now for $7.99 each.


The Recoil Rig features a Spectastic ballistic cord to create a more lively action


Recoil Rig: The Recoil Rig is an addition to a drop shot rig and is designed for coaxing strikes from fish under docks and lay downs, along walls, or around various types of cover. It utilizes a 15 pound test SpecTastic ballistic cord which provides a recoil action which causes the lure to shake and vibrate much more so than just on the end of a traditional drop shot line. Unlike traditional rigs where working the lure means pulling it away from fish holding structure the Recoil Rig keeps the action right in the strike zone.


the Recoil Rig in action


Secret Weapon sells the Recoil Rig in different kits and the Master Pack is a good place to start. This 92 piece kit contains 30 SpecTastic ballistic cords, 24 line lock swivels, a variety of hooks, sinkers, reusable weight wires and even some panfish worms and minnows to get you started. The Recoil Rig Master Pack is available now for $19.95. 


Joe has plenty of new offerings this season all designed to give anglers more freedom to customize their tackle arsenal


Conclusion: The team at Secret Weapon is all about giving anglers more options. That includes more options to target fish with a variety of different techniques and more options to quickly customize your presentation with the click of an extra blade or a skirt change. If you like fishing off the bottom the company’s Recoil Rig will help you give your lures a spastic fish attention grabbing action, if you prefer fishing up on top of the water column Secret Weapon’s many customizable wire baits offer plenty of freedom to mix it up.










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