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The Rod Guard "Use It or Lose It"


Date: 8/5/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Rod Guard
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: The Rod Guard is a simple yet clever solution to a common problem, losing your rod and reel to the bottom of the lake. This patented accessory is designed to be quick and easy to install and create enough buoyancy to keep your precious gear afloat should it get knocked over the edge of a boat or dock.


The Rod Guard comes in packs of two


This solution was created by Steve Hall who spent two years developing and patenting the Rod Guard. This light weight accessory weighs only .32oz. and can be applied to the upper or lower handle of a rod to make the entire rig float. The Rod Guard can be cut down to different sizes to match the rod both cosmetically. Heavier rods and reels will require more material and it is probably a good idea to test your rig in shallow water once installed.


The Rod Guard slips on handles to provide buoyancy


The Rod Guard is designed to not only look like a grip but be comfortable to grip when fishing, and adds some extra padding. Because it can be cut down it can be applied to split grip rods just as easily as standard grips.


The Rod Guard can be customized for different grips


The best method for installing The Rod Guard is to wet the rod handle with glass cleaner before sliding it onto the rod. Once it is slid into place it is tight enough by itself to stay in place. Anglers can actually create a tapered end to blend it more seamlessly into the existing grip by using electric tape to compress and angle the end of the applied Rod Guard.


A closer look at the surface of the Rod Guard


All in all it takes about a minute to install the Rod Guard, and that includes removal from the package. The Rod Guard is available with both red and blue highlights, and retails for $8.99 for a pack of two. We think a plain black version would also be good for those anglers who want the foam to blend in even more stealthily against the increasingly popular EVA grips.


Steve Hall (left) the creator of the Rod Guard showed us his cleverly designed patent pending product


Conclusion: Though the name spells out rod protection these grips can also be used for other products as well including nets, gaffs, and even some lighter fish landing tools. The Rod Guard is great for kids who may not be used to making repeated casts, but even seasoned anglers can benefit from the added protection. The affordable and easy to install Rod Guard pays for itself the minute your rod or reel gets wet that very first time.









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