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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Show - Orlando, FL

Fintech Extends Their Lineup in Support of Big Baits!

Date: 07/29/09
Location: Orlando Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Fintech
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: Last year, when we met Fintech for the first time, they walked us through their dizzying lineup of jigheads. The first question Cal had for them was whether or not they made any big versions suitable for paddletail swimbaits and the like. Fast forward to the beginning of 2009 and we come to learn Elite Bass Angler, Byron Velvick had signed on as one of their prostaff. Any guesses as to what Fintech had to show us this year at ICAST? You got it, a series of plus sized jigheads and weighted hooks in support of the big bait craze!


Fintech enters the big bait market in their own, unique way.


First up is the Title Shot Monster Jig, a plus sized version of their original Title Shot Jig Head, this new version is available in jig head sizes from three quarters (3/4) of an ounce on up to three and a half (3 1/2) ounces. All sized heads come with a massive 15/0 hook! They will be available in single packs ranging from eight (8) to ten (10) dollars a piece.


The Monster Jig shown rigged with a Toro Tube ready to go.


The Redfish Jitt-R is one of two new items slated for the Redfish market.


Mixed into Fintech's upsized bait hooks are two different baits intended for the Redfish circuit. The Redfish Jitt-R is a specialized version of their original Jitt-R head featuring metallic painted heads while the Redfish Spoon is designed to fish heavy cover with little fear of getting snagged.


The Redfish Spoon comes rigged and ready to go.


The Monster Swimbait System features a 15/0 hook and a weighted shank.


But back to their plus sized product, the Title Shot Monster Swimbait System features the same massive hook as the Monster Jig, but with a weight formed on the hook shank instead of in the form of a jighead. Available in unweighted, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, and 2 ounce sizes the Monster Swimbait System will retail for approximately seven to eight dollars ($7-$8) per hook.


One last look at the Monster Jig (top) and the Monster Swimbait System (bottom) side by side.


Fin-Tech gives new meaning to big Terminal Tackle this year with their monster system


Conclusion: When most of us think terminal tackle for bass fishing we think 3 and 4/0 hooks and swivels but this year to support the big bait craze Fin-tech goes big with some of the biggest baddest hooks designed for fishing massive lures like Toro tubes. In addition to these giant 15/0 weighted hooks Fin-Tech also introduces new Redfish spoons that are ready to fish right out of the package. The new offerings from Fin-Tech are sure to appeal to anglers looking to get creative with big bait offerings, and don't want to just pick up another swimbait variant.









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