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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Show - Orlando, FL

ANDIAMO Colmic! Introducing IDM (Italian Domestic Product)!

Date: 07/16/09
Location: Orlando Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Colmic, Samal Fishing In The Future, Inc.
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: Nothing perks the collective tackle souls of the TT Editors more than a new company poised to make a difference with more than your average, cookie cutter product. That's right, it's Enthusiast Tackle time again at ICAST and this time, it's Italian based Colmic who's ready to burst on the scene with their molto benne designed rods and lures!


Introducing the Herakles line of rods by new to North America Colmic.


Tucked way back in a corner of this year's ICAST sat a rather quiet, unassuming company with JDM style rods sitting right in plain view of the aisle. Certainly these rods were placed in a spot as to garner the most attention and draw passers by into the booth. Well, it worked and are we happy it did. Colmic is an Italian company with an encyclopedia thick catalog of product built for their home market. They land at this year's ICAST with the express intent of delivering this very same "IDM" product to US soil.


There are several different designs within the Herakles lineup...


... giving his "IDM" product a very "JDM" look and feel.


First up? Their Herakles (another spelling of Hercules) line of bass & saltwater rods featuring JDM stylings and technique specific tapers. The lineup consists of ten spinning rods and 8 casting rods priced between $195 - $260 and feature Fuji Alconite guides. The rods are expected to begin shipping to dealers shortly after ICAST.


Another rod from the Herakles casting lineup.


And a look at their saltwater spinning rods.


Colmic Herakles Bass Rods
Spinning Length Line Lure Technique
Sting: HKS-511LXF 5'11" 3-8 1/16-3/8 Shakey Head
Vanto: HKS-63MXF 6'3" 6-14 1/8-1/2 Skipping
Iseo: HKS-65UL 6'5" 3-8 1/32-5/16 Ultra Light for Wacky Rigs
Brenta: HKS-65MF 6'5" 6-12 1/16-3/8 Drop Shot
Superiore: HKS-6MXF 6'8" 6-14 3/16-5/8 Power Finesse
Mantis: HKS-69ML 6'9" 4-12 1/16-1/4 Split Shot
Rabid: HKS-66MF 6'6" 8-16 1/4-3/4 All Purpose Spinning
Iridea: HKS2-70M 7'0" 6-14 3/8-1 2 Piece All Purpose Travel
Spigola: HKTS-72M 7'2" 8-16 3/16-1 Salt Water Spoons & Spinners
Nettuno: HKTS-76MH 7'6" 14-30 1/4-2 Salt Water Long Cast
Blaze : HKC-66M 6'6" 8-16 3/16-5/8 Jerkbaits
Coghinas: HKC-69H 6'9" 12-25 3/8-1 1/2 Bottom Contact
Caspe: HKC-68MXF 6'8" 8-16 1/4-5/8 Topwater
Bolsena: HKFC-610M 6'10" 8-14 1/4-1 Glass/Carbon for Crankbaits
Alqueva: HKC-65MF 6'5" 8-16 1/4-3/4 Spinnerbaits
Garda: HKC-70ML 7'0" 6-12 1/4-1/2 Shallow Cranks
Viper: HKC-66XF 6'6" 8-16 1/4-1 Skipping Jigs & Worms
Brian: HKC-76XH 7'6" 12-25 1/2-2 Flippin'


Following the Herkales line and due to arrive sometime in 2010 are the sub $200 Evolution rods built with more generic tapers, but similar componentry to the Herkales.

Colmic's Evolution Rods will be priced somewhere under $200.


Colmic will also be importing exotic hadbait lures and fishing line, all top sellers in Italy. The hardbaits are expected to retail for less than ten dollars each! Again, distribution is expected to pick up shortly after ICAST, but of course, this is pending demand.


In the spirit of our Year of the Crank coverage, a look at the hardbait cranks Colmic is looking to bring into the US.


Ray Malafarina of Samal Fishing In The Future, Inc., the company responsible for bringing Colmic companies and brands into North America.


Conclusion: Nothing stirs the imagination quite like a brand new company looking to make some noise with Enthusiast level equipment. Nothing stirs the emptying of one's bank account more than this very same company offering a quality product at a very affordable price point. Will the prices for Colmic product increase after they've reached their goal of market share? We for one, are not going to wait around to find out and plan to be members of the early adopters club of the Colmic product!










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