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ICAST 2009 Coverage

Big fish on Small Reels courtesy of Accurate


Date: 7/27/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Accurate & Halco
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: When it comes to saltwater tackle there are few American reel companies as respected as Accurate when it comes to quality in design and manufacturing. This ICAST the company introduced a number of new reels and rods designed for landing big fish on lighter tackle.


Ben Secrest at Accurate was on hand to show us the new light yet powerful combos


A Narrow Boss Xtreme: We met up with Ben Secrest at the Accurate booth who showed us the new Boss Extreme Narrow reels. The BX2 Boss Extreme 2-Speed reels are designed for anglers that enjoy fishing with smaller reels when targeting big game. These reels have an amazingly small footprint and yet are able to be used for fishing for Tuna when paired with superlines like the company's own AccuBraid. 


The Boss Xtreme is tiny yet designed for fishing for big fish with braided superlines


First impression, the new 500 narrow is tiny! The reel is smaller than the handle but don't be deceived by the small profile of this well machined reel. The 500 narrow features the company's patented TwinDrag system and a new two speed mechanism for instant solid engagement. The gear ratios are a high of 6:1 and low speed of 3:1. 


We have freshwater reels bigger than this!


Though small this reel also has an enlarged gear shaft for increased torque and a larger anti reverse bearing for solid stopping power. Like other Boss Extreme reels the new BX2-500N has unhindered free spool at every drag setting making it possible to cast lures of a wide range in weight quite far. Each reel is laser imaged with a serialized I.D. number and the reels will retail for $589.99 per copy and come backed with a one year warranty.  


Don't let the small size fool you, this machined reel is designed with all the popular Boss Extreme features including TwinDrag


Accurate New Xnergy Rods: Keeping in line with the strategy for introducing light but powerful tackle to target big fish the company also showcased three new Xnergy series rods designed for tossing live bait and iron for albacore. These rods are constructed out of a six ply graphite glass material that delivers both strength and sensitivity while featuring a reduced diameter helping make the rod lighter overall.


The three new Xnergy rods are designed for West Coast Anglers to target tuna


There are three new rods, the J7920 is rated medium which is designed to throw light irons or even swimbaits for smaller schoolie albies. The J7930 is medium heavy rod is designed to target bigger albacore and even smaller yellowfin tuna. Then there is the bad boy, the J7940 which is rated heavy and can handle bigger yellowfin and even the occasional bluefin. These rods are extremely light, comfortable in hand, and yet are still powerful. They are becoming available now and will retail for $249 to $265 depending on model. 


The lighter J7920 features a cork handle while the J7930 and J7940 feature hypalon handles


Halco: On top of the Accurate reels and rods on display a familiar lure brand was also highlighted in the company's booth, Halco Tackle. Halco is an Australian lure company that is famous for high quality plastic and wooden lures designed for big game species.


The Halco Roosta Poppers feature a wide head design that transfers to a widened tail end creating a popper which is ideal for a straight fast retrieve or a stop and start bloop with exceptional splash


Halco is actually Australia's biggest lure manufacturer and is also parent company to RMG and Tilsan lures, and now exports lures to over 70 countries. Ben was excited to tell us that for the U.S. market these high quality lures will be now exclusively distributed by Accurate.


The Halco GT Jig is designed for jigging and trolling for big game


Like Accurate reels Halco owns and controls their own manufacturing so they are able to tightly control the quality of their offerings. The owners and managers at Halco are all passionate fishermen who enjoy putting their creations to the test, just like the team at Accurate. 


Ben shows us the new rod designed for California Tuna fishermen and the Halco lures which Accurate will now distribute


Conclusion: As usual an exciting year for Accurate, and one that focuses on bringing out small reels that still pack a massive punch when it comes to taking on world class fish. The partnership with Halco makes a lot of sense as both companies share a passion for designing and building tackle that can stand up to big top of the food chain species. The new BX2 narrow reel looked fantastic and when it comes to refinement the machining on this reel is downright spectacular. So small and powerful are these new reels that we asked Ben if Accurate would consider building levelwind version for freshwater big bait anglers in the future. Ben just smiled and said "were working on it."  









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