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Rapala Goes Clackin', Shallow, Deep, and Wide with Their New Lures (continued)

Glidin' Rap 12: This new bait is designed for both freshwater and saltwater anglers hunting for large fish. The Glidin' Rap 12 is a topwater walk-the-dog style stick bait that has a sliding glide action rather than the aggressive side to side you're used to seeing from a Zara Spook. When twitched the Glidin' Rap 12 will glide wide, and according to Donnie Cox who showed us these new baits, with a single flick of the rod you can get this Rapala lure to slide as wide as three feet.


The Glidin' Rap 12 slides and glides wide when twitched at the surface


The Glidin' Rap 12 is designed to entice bass, tarpon, snook, stripers, and other freshwater and inshore fish to strike. This 4 3/4 inch lure is constructed out of balsa wood and is available in six different colors, retailing for $10.99 a piece.


X-Rap now comes in X-Rap Shad Shallow, fished from top to about 3 feet below


X-Rap Shad Shallow: The X-Rap Shad Shallow is a minnow bait that has been developed with a shallow lip design that keeps them at a depth between two and four feet either with a cast and retrieve method or on the troll.


Exciting color patterns


“As a pro angler, I have the opportunity to fish all over the country,” says Tom Mann Jr., Rapala pro staff member. “The X-Rap Shad Shallow and X-Rap Shad Shallow SureSet are the perfect lures for all species of bass; from spotted bass to large mouth bass and small mouth bass.”


Fish the X-Rap Shad Shallow and X-Rap Shad Shallow SureSet three ways:

- Straight-fish the lure with a fast, medium action right back to the boat. This is ideal when fish are chasing and highly active.

- On days when fish aren’t biting and you need to entice them into biting, slow the retrieve down and the lure will produce a lethargic wobble, enticing fish to feed even on the weariest of days.

-Or, cast it out and start working the lure at its maximum depth, three to four feet. Then, start jerking it with a slack line; this will attract and inveigle fish when they’re not in the feeding mood.


The X-Rap Shad Shallow also comes in a form of X-Rap Shad Shallow SureSet, and both come in 06 and 08 models with 15 classic X-Rap color patterns plus eight SureSet colors. The X-Rap Shad Shallow retails for $7.99 while the SureSet costs $8.99.


Thanks to Donnie Cox for showing us the exciting new baits


Conclusion: Rapala is a giant in the lures category, and has a storied past with a history of producing top selling lures. This ICAST the company looks to continue that tradition with new baits that are designed to enhance the very way we fish. The popular DT and X-Rap series has been expanded with models that run deeper or shallower. The new Clackin' Rap is one of the kind with a sound chamber that emits a deep sound that travels far afield to call out to distant fish. And then there's the Glidin' Rap 12, a topwater stick bait that slides widely with every twitch.












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