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Rapala Goes Clackin', Shallow, Deep, and Wide with Their New Lures

Date: 7/25/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: Rapala
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: Rapala, a company well known for its lures is once again releasing baits with elite characteristics. This year they have some modern products such as a lipless crankbait with a built in sound chamber and new variations of the popular X-Rap and DT crankbaits.


Introducing the Rapala Clackin' Rap with a unique sound chamber


Clackin' Rap: Lipless crankbaits, what more can one ask for in the design of these effective lures? Don't tell that to Rapala as their designers have come up with a new design that utilizes a unique sound chamber that calls to fish. The sound chamber, which is noticeably visible from the side of the lure, uses a single large BB. As the single large BB hits the walls of the sound chamber it produces low frequency clicks that travel further and deeper down, calling to fish from greater distances. The lure produces these deep based sounds that fish can hear and see as the lure is retrieved.


Available in 16 exciting patterns


The Rapala Clackin' Rap is 3 1/8 inch long, weighs 7/8 ounces, and is outfitted with a front VMC SureSet belly hook and a black nickel treble hook in the back. Aside from the sound chamber the Clackin' Rap also features a translucent textured body with internal holographic foil that flashes as the lure swims through the water. You can select from 16 different exciting color patterns with each being sold for only $9.99.


Here's a close-up of the sound chamber with a single large BB that produces a low frequency deep sound


DT SureSet 20:  When Rapala introduced the DT series they hit it big with this bait. It was capable of reaching the depths specified, of course when using the proper fishing line. This season anglers will be treated with an addition to the series with the DT SureSet 20. This lure is the same size as the DT-16 but has a specially designed lip. The lip, as you can see in the photo, has a circular piece of metal near the tip. This helps the lure dive down to 20 feet below and stay there. Rapala recommends the use of 10 pound test monofilament to maximize the lure's performance and diving depth.


A new addition to the DT series, the DT SureSet 20


The DT SureSet 20 is a floating crankbait made from balsa wood and measures 2 3/4 inches in length. It weighs 3 1/4 ounce so this lure will be very easy to cast, even on windy days. In addition the lure features VMC SureSet treble hooks and internal rattles that call to fish. Each DT SureSet 20 will retail for $9.99.


The circular metal disc is the key to getting the lure down to 20 feet


DT Fat 01 & DT Fat 01 SureSet: When anglers see heavy weed growth or structure they usually resort to lures that are weedless. Rapala provides an alternative with the introduction of the DT Fat 01 and DT Fat 01 SureSet.


When it's nasty out, the DT Fat 01 will deflect from nasty cover


This balsa crankbait is designed with a square lip for maximum deflection so that you can fish the "nasty stuff." The new crankbaits have a wide wobble and is designed to be fished from top to about three feet below. It can also be fished as a wake bait on top with a slow retrieve. The DT Fat 01's retail for $8.99 and are available in 11 colors, same ones as the DT Flat Series.


The square lip is designed so the lure bounces off of structure without catching

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