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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Rods) - Let the Rod Wars Begin! (continued)

Fenwick - Elite Tech Rods: Before the ICAST show we did a preview on the Fenwick Elite Tech rods through our Pure Fishing Tackle Extravaganza 2008 article. Through the specs these rods looked good on paper when we saw them for the first time we were even more impressed. Each and every one of these rods was made so distinctive that Jim Coble and Steve Grice of Pure Fishing told us that they had to make new and unique tooling and mandrels to produce the blanks and designs used in this series.


Introducing the new Fenwick Elite Tech rods, each built specially for an unique application


Jim Coble, Associate Marketing Manager at Pure Fishing, shows us the new Elite Tech series of rods


Technique specific design is taken to a whole new level with the Elite Tech rods and below are a few examples. The Crankshaft rod, designed for tossing crankbaits is designed with a 50/50 action. The bottom half of the rod uses graphite while the top half is glass. This produces a blend of action specific to crankbait fishing. The graphite lower section adds sensitivity and reduced weight, and the top glass top section gives you the flex and softer feel that is needed for serious cranking.


The bottom portion of the new crankbait rod is graphite and the top made of glass


Jim shows JIP the action of the Crankshaft rod. See how the glass top portion arcs


Ever heard of a fishing technique called "Stroking?" This isn't widely spread yet but it very well soon might be. This jigging/plastics technique works in a way in which the angler holds the rod and while the jig or plastic is at the bottom, with your reeling hand you stroke or smack the rod section above the reel seat from below to lift the rod and what's at the end of the line. This gives the lure a different action than just lifting your rod tip. This new Strokin' Special rod is designed with a refined ratio of blank attributes - backbone, tip action, spin, and components, for the complete stroking presentation. The section of the rod that you "stroke" is also coated with a soft material to help dampen the shock to your hand while employing this atypical technique.


Each rod is so unique even the hook hangers have a different design!!!


The Rigging Stik and Flipping Stik rods both use a weight balance system designed by Fuji. Balancing the rod makes the rod feel lighter and more comfortable in your hands while working the lure. Fenwick has designed each and every one of these new rods to feature the properties necessary to enhance performance for a specific technique.


A few rods have the Fuji rod balance system. You can remove or add weights when needed


The Fenwick Elite Tech rods are each made completely different... this is truly application specific at the engineering level



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