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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Rods) - Let the Rod Wars Begin! (continued)

Van Staal - Stand-Up Rods: Van Staal represents the elite fighting forces of the WC Bradley company, and anglers demand more from their Van Staal products than just about any reel on earth, save Fin-Nor (which also happens to be a WC Bradley brand as well). We know that Van Staal makes a great reel but rods? Yes, they are producing specialized rods that match the reel's performance and durability. Thanks to knowledgeable staff and much R&D Van Staal will have new sets of rods starting with two Stand-Up rods.


The Stand-Up rods uses a PowerLite blank construction


These two spinning rods now offers stand-up 40 pound and 50 pound class spin rods that feature aluminum reel seats with slick butts, gimbles, and triple-wrapped Fuji SIN guides. The 5'9" rod is constructed with the PowerLite blank that has overlapping layers of high-quality glass and graphite construct a parabolic action that is strong, lightweight, and extremely durable. These rods will retail for around $279 and will be available in late November 2007. 


Allan and Craig shows us how powerful these Van Staal rods are


Van Staal - Giant Trevally Rods: Giant Trevally hunters know that they need serious gear for these hard hitting and fighting fish. There are some rods on the market already for GT fishing but anglers should certainly consider the Van Stall GT rods.


The foregrip is ergonomically designed with lightweight EVA material


These rods uses the same PowerLite glass-graphite composition to produce a hefty 8' Giant Trevally killing stick that uses a Fuji DPS reel seat along with Fuji's HB guides and lightweight EVA grips. Just as with the Stand-Up rods, these will retail for around $279 and will be available in late November.


This aggressive rod is designed to battle Giant Trevallies

Van Staal's new rods are just as exciting as their reels, and are the perfect companion. We paired the reels up with the rods to see how they balanced out and they felt absolutely perfect. Why go through all the trouble of finding the right rod for your Van Staal reel when the engineers at Van Staal have built their own rod series while taking their own reels into account?


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