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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Rods) - Let the Rod Wars Begin! (continued)

Quantum - SuperLite PT: Rather than fight with brute force or sheer number of introductions, Quantum decided to research some new weapons for the impending "rod war." It was here at the Quantum booth that we witnessed the first mass production implementation of the Fuji ACS reel seat!


Introducing the stunning Quantum SuperLite PT rod


Since the introduction of the Tour Edition PT rods a couple of years ago Quantum has gone a long way especially by developing some signature series rods under well known pros such as Kevin VanDam, Gerald Swindle, and Greg Hackney. The Quantum SuperLite PT rods are developed from HSX72 hi-strain graphite and each of the 18 rods in the series have a custom action built for specific uses ranging from dropshotting to tossing huge swimbaits. 


Here's a photo of the new Fuji ACS reel seat on the Quantum SuperLite PT rod, wicked huh?


The SuperLite PT rods are crafted with no foregrips and a split rear handle grip that utilizes EVA foam for a more positive handle and better overall durability and care compared to cork. The guides used are American Tackle Titanium frames with diamond polished Nanolite inserts. The Titan frames are 60% lighter than stainless, and the Nanolite rings are 45% stronger and 2x harder than ceramic!


You will love the details and components used on this rod


L-shaped hook hangers are used on these new rods


In addition to having a lightweight and high quality components, the SuperLite PT rods feature the new ACS reel seat. The team at Quantum actually made a trip out to Japan to source this component directly from Fuji. The new innovative reel seats designed by Fuji (VSS spinning and ACS for casting) are ergonomically engineered with contoured grips for all day comfort and sensitivity.


Detailed wrap on every rod


Quantum is the currently only company featuring these at ICAST but we heard from many other rod companies that they will be incorporating the new reel seat into their rod lines in the future. Kudos to Quantum for getting the jump on this!


Here's a spinning model of the SuperLite PT with the new Fuji VSS spinning reel seat


Though the same reel seat are used in the SuperLite PT, the rods will have five different handle styles to match its own technique such as longer handles. The Quantum SuperLite PT rods will retail for around $229.95.


Chris Strickland of Quantum shows us the new SuperLite rods

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