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ICAST 2019 Update Coverage

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Small but Mighty, the Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbait
SOLID! The Shimano Bantam MGL Baitcaster

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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Lures Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 4 (Lures) - Swimbaits Reign Supreme (continued)

River2Sea USA - Kong: As expected when we walked up to the River2Sea USA booth we would were greeted by an assortment of new and stunning lures. River2Sea had their own interpretation of the swimbait called the Kong. The Kong has a realistic appearance and profile but creates exclusive actions when retrieved. When retrieved slowly this lure sashays back and forth in a lazy S motion which is designed to be different than the swim of any other swimbait. Burn it back to the boat and the Kong will kick water and pulse near the surface.


The Kong is available in a number of different patterns


Durable components and joints are used


The River2Sea Kong uses an all stainless steel wire design for enhanced durability, Daiichi black nickel hooks, and a pin and hinge system. Total there are 4 models, 2 floating and 2 slow sinking. The smaller version is 6 5/8 inches in length while the larger one is at 9 inches. Weight wise the Kong goes from 2 11/16 all the way up to 6 5/8 ounces.


The Kong comes in 6 5/8 or 9 inches and either slow sinking or floating


Nest Raider: Here's a new weapon for bedded bass fishing. The River2Sea Nest Raider is designed for this particular purpose, to aggravate aggressive bedded bass to strike. But that's not all. The Nest Raider is a big lure, measuring in at 7 1/2 inches long and weighing 2 ounces.


The Nest Raider features unique designs for bedded bass fishing. The air pocket near the tail makes the lure stand as if it is raiding a nest


Aside from it's realistic appearance and big size to attract big females, the Nest Raider has some unique features. The lure has a specially shaped contoured head, a giant hook, weedguard, and a floating tail feature to make this bait look like a amphibian attempting to rob the nest. The Nest Raider also comes with two optional rattles for you to insert into the plastic body if you feel like adding the element of sound.


Four colors are available on the Nest Raider


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