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TackleTour's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2)

Date: 11/18/08
Tackle type: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: TT Girl Ms. Casey is back to finish what she started and countdown the remaining products in our 2008 Holiday Gift Guide. Let's have some more fun...

A Behind the Scenes Look at TackleTour's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide

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When we last left off Ms. Casey was sitting on top of the Lakewood swimbait boxes, and now it is time to delve further into the category with our picks for the top swimbait rod, reel, and actual big bait this holiday season.


Ms. Casey is back and she brings out the big baits


Swimbait Rod: (Dobyns 795ML & 806ML) This one two punch from Dobyns Rods covers almost the entire range of what a big bait fisherman may want to toss and have grown to become favorites among the TT Editors for their extra-soft, castable tips yet stout, hooksetting, backbone power.


The Dobyns swimbait rods are great for a wide range of swimbaits, the worst thing about these rods is how difficult it is to find one this season


Throw in the inordinately long handles that mysteriously grow more comfortable the more you use them and either or both of these sticks will prove invaluable to the big bait fisherman on your list. Unfortunately this gift like the hottest toy at Christmas may be a challenge to find. We have seen the rod at a few retailers, and many e-tailers list the product only to be accompanied with the dreaded "Sold Out" graphic next to the checkout. If you can find one of these rods....grab it!


Daiwa's Luna series are excellent for tossing swimbaits


Swimbait Reel: (Daiwa Luna) Most hard core big bait tossers prefer the Calcutta 300 over the Daiwa Luna 253. Both reels are close in size, but the advantage the Luna has over the Calcutta is its availability in both left and right hand retrieve and itís about $100 less. For those just breaking into the big bait craze or even those wanting an entire platoon of big bait reels, the Daiwa Luna 253/253L is our Holiday Pick recommendation. The Daiwa Luna is available at Tackle Warehouse.   


The Luna unlike most round reels has an external cast control


Swimbait: (Triple Trout) Looking for go-to big bait or one with which to help your fishing partner build confidence? 22nd Centuryís Triple Trout won our Editorís Choice award a year and a half ago and not much has changed. Now with the addition of Performance Tackle to the e-tail tackle shop scene, availability of these unassuming baits has joined the modern era. Our favorite size? The seven inch Triple Trout is tough to beat for all-day castability with tackle that wonít wear you down.


The Triple Trout is one of the original swimbaits, and is still among one of the best... plainly put it is a big fish catching machine


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