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TackleTour's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2)

Unlike the other categories we gave "Cal" our Enthusiast Editor free reign over the picks in the "Enthusiast" section of this year's Holiday Gift Guide. He kicked it off with a surprising pick in the Enthusiast Reel Category. though not an official pick Ms. Casey took a particular liking to one of Cal's custom painted pink Alphas reels.


A "sexy" match for the Zillion rod is the Limited Edition Daiwa Anniversary Reel


Enthusiast Reel: (Daiwa Zillion Anniversary Reel) With our recent review of the Ito Monoblock, Abu AE74, and Daiwa/DEPS Zillion ZDV, how does this reel make it into our Holiday Gift Guide of recommended buys? How about the fact that this limited edition, limited production, serialized, custom colored, hyper-speed Zillion is not only a US Domestic Product reel, but also only fifty dollars more than the standard edition Zillion? In a time of economic turmoil, Daiwa offers Enthusiasts a worthy product that is accessible and desirable and affordable. This appropriately colored holiday choice is available at Tackle Warehouse.


Hey its a Christmas colored reel!


Enthusiast Reel honorable mention: (Opus 1 Nero) The original Opus-1 more than fed our enthusiast juices the moment we opened the box and saw its slick, silver briefcase. This together with the elegant presentation of the pieces within inspired our own, unique path with the review.


The Evergreen Opus 1 Nero is the definition of "enthusiast"


Well, the second generation Opus-1 is here with the Nero and we’ve cranked it up a notch ourselves. Perhaps not the most practical piece in today’s economic climate, but an absolute must have for fans of the original Opus 1 and those of Evergreen International overall as well.


What rod do you have there Ms. Casey?

Enthusiast Rod: (Megabass super Diablo) Megabass celebrates their 7th year in the business with a series of  “777 Limited” rods on some of their more popular sticks. The Diablo is quite possibly, Megabass’s signature offering and for their anniversary, the company offers the “Super Diablo.”

A closer look and we see a Megabass offering...


The 777 limited and Cal's custom reel match perfectly for a one of kind rig

Enthusiast Lure: (Megabass XPod) Not since our year with the Megabass PopMax has such a topwater lure inspired so much curiosity and fun. We purchased the XPod as more of a novelty than anything else, but our time at Dream Lake, Alabama this past fall proved that this bait is not just an enthusiast quality lure, but a serious topwater weapon.

The XPod topwater lure has a moveable jaw...


...and screams "eat me"

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