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Event Preview

TackleTour 2013 : Go Native!!


Date: 12/9/12
Event: TackleTour's Theme for 2013 and Beyond
Reviewer: Team TackleTour




Preface: When traveling on vacation or visiting some distant land, are you the type of individual to immerse yourself in the local culture and vibe - taking in the sweet aromas of the small bakeries, visiting the fruit and fish stands to see what the locals eat, or walking off the beaten path to find that little gem of a souvenir shop or better yet, a little eatery for some local flavor? There's a term for this mindset. It's called going native.


TackleTour 2013: While we've continued to cover a wide range of tackle topics each year, over the last several years, we worked under the umbrella of a yearly theme to help focus our attention.

Before we introduced our theme years, everything was fair game...

But as manufacturers react to the hot bite of the most recent tournament by accelerating their efforts to bring new product to the market, balancing our responsibility to report on what's new and relevant against each years' review theme grows more difficult with each passing year.

In 2009, we introduced, The Year of the Crank

Mix in the challenges of actually catching fish on the equipment we're testing and there are times we have to throw preconceived plans and themes out the window, adapt to local conditions, and follow our instincts to find the actual bite. It sounds trivial, but that's what sets us apart - in the cases we're actually reviewing a product and not just providing a preview, product insight or some other introduction, we take the time to fish it. How else can we give you a detailed analysis?

To celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary, 2010 was The Search for One...

So this year, instead of force feeding our objective on the fish by focusing on one theme, one technique, one category of bait, we're going back to our roots by putting all our combos back on the deck, immersing ourselves in prevalent environmental conditions, and taking what the water and the fish will give us. Yes, for 2013 and really until further notice, we're not only getting back to fishing, we're going native!

Who remembers 2011 when we exclaimed, What the Finesse?!?!

What's that mean? Well, whatever The Search reveals; whether we need to tie one on, toss it out, and crank it up; throw in the cards declaring "What the Finesse"; or yes, feed that Creature Fever, you can be sure we'll be we'll be fishing with and therefore, reporting on what conditions dictate.

And of course, 2012 was all about Creature Fever!


In other words, other than the fact we’re rededicating ourselves to being your source for the latest and greatest in tackle news and reviews, nothing has really changed. TackleTour 2013 : Go Native!

For 2013, we're going back to our roots... it's time to Go Native!









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