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Terminal Tackle Review


Come Along for the Ride and Bring Your Wacky Saddle (continued)

When I got home from that trip, I immediately ordered a pack of the large Wacky Saddle O-rings What I discovered on my next trip out on the water was rigging wasn't so simple! I knew there were rigging aids for standard O-rings but never bothered with them since #1, I don't fish the rig often and #2, it's usually simple enough to roll the O-rings onto a bait when needed. Thing is, this double O-ring. setup of the Wacky Saddle doesn't really roll on a worm. Instead you have to pull the worm through and that causes all kinds of issues.

Worms like the Pocket Rocket by Reaction Innovations are tricky because they're super skinny in the middle and the fat end is a little too fat for the small tube

This is why Frenzy Baits offers the Wacky Saddle Kit. In the kit are two hard plastic tubes, one large, one small. Both feature a kind of pointed end that tapers into a fatter section. That fat section is hollow on the other side. The idea is to roll the Wacky-Saddle of appropriate size, onto the rigging tube through the pointed end, slide your worm into the open end of the fat section, slide the Wacky-Saddle all the way up and off that fat end and onto your worm. Simple, right? Sort of.

With a little work, it can be done, but other rigging tools might be more helpful for worms like this

First, it helps if the tube is wet when you try to roll the Wacky Saddle up onto the fatter section of the tube. Water provides enough lubrication to where you can slide the saddle onto the fat section. Second, you have to make sure the rigging tube you select not only fits the size of the saddle, but that your worm can fit inside. I ran into issue trying to rig a Reaction Innovations Pocket Rocket with a small sized Wacky Saddle.

Rigged on a Strike King Ocho

The Pocket Rocket features two fat ends and one very skinny middle section. The large sized Wacky Saddle would be too fat to hold onto the Pocket Rocket, so I selected the smaller sized saddle. Trouble is, the fat ends of the Pocket Rocket barely fit into the small rigging tube.

Here on a Doomsday Tackle Roku

That's really the only downside to the kit. The rings themselves are solid and allow you to run your hook however you want: through the saddle, under the saddle, perpendicular to the worm, in line with the worm. It's really an ingenious little design and device that lengthens the life of your favorite soft plastic baits and simplifies rigging.

A Neko rigged Berkley Powerbait Shaky Snake Magnum

Price & Applications: The Frenzy Baits Wacky Saddle Kit retails for $16.99 and includes 50 saddles (25 large, 25 small) and two rigging tubes. However, you can also just purchase the saddles via a refill pack of 25 for $6.99 and use the rigging option of your choice.

Thank you Billy Hines for introducing us to Frenzy Baits's Wacky Saddle!


Frenzy Baits Wacky Saddle O-rings Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Simple yet solid product 8
Performance The saddles perform flawlessly to extend the life of your soft plastic and simplify rigging 8
Price The refill packs are a very good value 7.5
Features If purchased via the kit, there are different colored saddles, but the refill kit appears to only include black colored saddles? 7.5
Design (Ergonomics) Available in both large and small sizes 7.5
Application If wacky rigging is your game, you might want to check these out! 7.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
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Pluses and Minuses:


+ Smart, yet simple design allows you to rig your hook in whatever orientation you choose - No refill packs for different colored rings?
+ Large and small options to fit many different worm sizes - Rigging tube is not as effective as they would seem

Thanks to the Wacky Saddle, I now find myself looking for an excuse to rig soft plastics Wacky

Conclusion: I mentioned from the onset that I'm not much of a wacky rigging aficionado, but thanks to Billy Hines's introduction to Frenzy's Wacky Saddle, I'm all in. I actually look for an excuse now to make use of this product most recently using them during my review of Berkley's Powerbait Shaky Snake Magnum. If you're already an aficionado, the Wacky Saddle is invaluable. If not, do yourself a favor, try a pack or find a friend to just give you one to use. You may find yourself hooked on fishing wacky.


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