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Line Review


Easy Handling FINS WindTamer Braided Line (continued)


Abrasion: At some point, abrasion resistance for braid in bass fishing came to mean the ability of your braid to deliver the abrasion by cutting through soft vegetation instead of the ability of your line to withstand abrasive environments like rocks, trees, dock pilings, etc.. If it is the former you seek (the ability to cut through vegetation), you want a braided line with a rough texture, but somewhat slick finish. This allows the braid to grab soft vegetation and when you swing your line back and forth, will cut it helping you avoid hangups - especially if you've hooked a fish that's digging into the weeds during your battle.


The line is a little stiff off the filler spool, but once spooled on and cast it actually handles nicely

If it's the latter you seek, a line to withstand abrasive environments, you're better off tying a fluorocarbon leader to your braid. Braids with a smoother, slick finish will hold up better in these environments, but braid in general is not able to hold up to truly abrasive situations because it's softer than fluorocarbon and even nylon monofilament. You can mitigate some of this by choosing a thicker diameter.

Windtamer is the type of braided line that can easily cut through vegetation, but if you're fishing in this environment often, I'd probably go with their 80lb line for more strength to muscle fish out of what usually is a mess of weeds.

50lb test scoped out at 0.238mm in diameter. That's more like a traditional 25 or 30 pound braid. Wind Tamer held up so even though it is thin it does seem quite durable. As with all new lines it just takes time to build confidence. Using 100% Spectra shortens that cycle big time

Noise: What really surprised me with FINS's Windtamer line is despite its rougher texture is relatively quiet when moving through guides. Granted, I did not fish it with any rods built with guides featuring raw metal inserts, but some braids make noise even through guides with ceramic inserts. My Black Widow 806-1 cranking stick is built with titanium framed guides with SiC inserts so any noise would be minimal to begin with, still I usually hear something with braid. I really didn't notice the line coming through these guides, nor did Zander with his combos. Perhaps that had to do with the line's diameter or overall round structure and slick coating.

What do you know, it is indeed a 4 strand braid

Impact/Knot Strength: Because the 50lb Windtamer was so thin and the line was so new to me, I didn't fish it with any very expensive baits for fear of losing them on a cast or swing. But the line held up very well fishing everything that I tied on, and with each cast and fish landing it started to inspire more confidence.

Over time I started tying on more hard and soft bodied swimbaits and strikes on these types of lures are really aggressive and I am happy to report that Windtamer held up to hit after hit. At one point, Zander was fishing a line through bait by Savage Gear (3D Trout), and landed a really nice fish. In the end, neither of us had much to say about the line's strength, so that's a good thing.

Windtamer has held up well for both Zander and myself

Longevity: Windtamer Braid does have a slightly waxy feel to it out of the package, but that coating is not one that flakes off the line during use. In fact, it holds up well over an extended period. Additionally, our "Pitch Black" braid held its color and didn't fade. I was quite surprised. Normally, I'd expect such a deep, dark color like this to show a little sign of wear by fading, but so far so good with Windtamer, and a testament to the company's decision to use black fiber versus try and color the line. It would be great to see more colors of "never fade lines" in the future.


FINS Windtamer Pitch Braid Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A little coarse out of the package, but that's just the character of the line. Far thinner than advertised however. 8
Performance Casts really well and holds up over extended use... including the color 9
Price The 50lb, 150yd spool breaks down to $0.11/yard making it a relatively affordable product. Overall a good overall value 7
Features Available in 5 colors and filler through bulk spool sizes. The line does what it is designed to do and though thin it stood up to every fish in our tests. It handles well and the black color looks great and doesn't fade 8
Design (Ergonomics) Color holds up extremely well but it'd be helpful to have more accurate diameter specifications. In terms of handling this braid handles well and though it feels a little stiff off the spool once you start fishing the line it feels supple and very consistent 8
Application Made for windy conditions which means you can use it even when it is not windy just as easily 8

Total Score


Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
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Pluses and Minuses:


+ Casts as well as advertised, the thin diameter and smooth handling do indeed make this a good handling braid in all conditions, not just in wind, but certainly when it is blowing + Black color is very cool but would be great to have "never fade braid" in other colors as well
+ Like other 100% spectra based lines Wind Tamer inspires confidence with each landed fish. Knot strength and ability to muscle fish were both on display during our tests - It'd be helpful to have more accurate diameter specifications
+ Black color holds up well over extended use  
+ Finish does not flake off the line  


Windtamer fishes really well. My only question with this line has to do with the accuracy of their diameter specifications, but with each cast and fish it has continued to inspire confidence

Conclusion: I was really surprised how much I enjoyed fishing this line. It casts well and comes through the guides with zero issues. The only question in my mind is the line's diameter. That 50lb test scoped out really small and if I were to fish it again, I'd probably go up a size or two in diameter. The more different braids I fish, the more I rely upon actual diameter of the line rather than stated strengths. Unfortunately, with no table displaying the accurate measurements for this line, I'd have to purchase a few spools to find the diameter I'm really comfortable fishing across applications, and with those really irreplaceable swimbaits tied on the line. It's just going to take some hit and miss to find that perfect diameter to suit your personal needs.


For power fishing plastics in the wind, or really in any conditions, this line is certainly up to the task. With each and every cast, and additional landed fish, I have continued to build confidence in Pitch Black, and would recommend it for anglers that want a dark colored braided line that also handles really well.


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