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Tex-Mex Big Bassin’ Lake Falcon Style (continued)


About Dan cont'd: Dan also fishes some semi-pro circuits including Everstart and BFL. 2004 produced two Top 5 finishes in Texas Tournament Trail events - including a Third Place finish in the Championship. In 2007 he fished the Texas Stren Division and finished 7th for the year with one Top 10 and an 11th place finish. This included a 2nd place finish with 2 records broken on nearby Lake Amistad. In 2007 he fished the Texas Tournament Trail and finished 18th and had one Top 10 finish. This 7th place finish provided him with a berth in the 2008 FLW Tour - and led to finishing 5th for FLW Rookie of the Year. Though he qualified for the 2009 FLW Tour, Dan has decided to dedicate his time to guiding on Falcon Lake and fishing the 2009 Stren Texas Division. 


...and there are a lot of trees to pitch into


Going fishing: I fished with Dan on Falcon for a full day on February 13th, and unfortunately the weather conditions were less than ideal. Our hopes for a bright sunny warm day were dashed the minute I arrived at the launch ramp and was greeted with cloudy skies, cold temperatures and wind chill. Dan was still confident however but expressed early we might need to work hard to coax the fish to bite on this particular day.


Dan starts getting fish with Zoom Mag Lizards


As we left the ramp we made a bee line straight for the Mexico side of the lake, and on the way Dan made a prediction. “This lake is something else, it isn’t a good day unless we catch 25 fish and one of them is probably going to be a seven plus pounder,” Dan described. I was feeling pretty confident with a bold statement like that.


The morning is filled with healthy 3lbrs but we want bigger


I’ve fished El Salto a number of times and the structure and cover at Falcon immediately reminded me of Salto, only the submerged trees and brush did seem a lot more “snaggy” here. We started out working the submerged treetops, and there were plenty of them to flip and pitch into, so many that an angler can spend an entire day just working a single cove and still not hit every tree. We started pitching Zoom lizards and brush hogs into the top of these trees and when Dan saw me twitching my plastics in the trees he immediately motioned for me to stop.


A fish camp on the Mexico side of the lake


“These bass are a little different, they don’t like a whole lot of action,” Dan said. “In most cases at this time of the year you just want to try and keep your lure as still as possible in the zone, move it only when you need to pull through structure.” Dan was keeping his lure completely still while keeping his fingers pinched on the line in front of his reel. It all felt really good to me down there and I must have set on tree branches three times before finally landing a fish.


The structure feels great and I set into plenty of "wood-fish"


Dan was pulling a lot of fish from the treetops and all were healthy 3lb fish but we couldn’t seem to find any of the big girls. After working the treetops all morning the cloud cover still hadn’t broken up much at all and the winds were also starting to pick up. “On any other lake these conditions would be big fish weather,” Dan said. “This heavy cloud cover is really not good for Falcon, the fish here like bluebird skies, they like the sun and they want warm water.”


A fish from the treetops

Next Section: Calling out the big girls from the deep










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