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Event Article

Tex-Mex Big Bassin’ Lake Falcon Style


Date: 2/20/10
Tackle type: Rod
Event Date: 2/13/10
Reviewer: Zander



We have all heard the stories of the 2008 Elite Series and those colossal 130 plus pound weigh ins are now legendary. We head to Zapata Texas and with the help of local pro Dan Schoonveld I hoped to experience a little Tex-Mex bassing for myself and see if Falcon, even in the middle of Winter, could still live up to all the hype.




About Falcon Lake: Falcon Lake has long been known as a bass paradise on the Texas/Mexico border but it really catapulted into the spotlight two years ago when the Elite Series came into town during the “Lone Star Shootout” and the Pros weighed in some incredible records. Paul Elias won the April 2008 event weighing in 132lbs and 8ozs. Terry Scroggins weighed in just 4ozs less and Byron Velvick came in third with only 2.5oz. less than Terry, now those are some absolutely absurd numbers! During the entire event a total of 1386 fish were caught for a total weight of 6,811lbs 2ozs.


We head to Zapata Texas right on the U.S. border to fish Falcon Lake in the hope that the Bass are as big as everything else in Texas


Since that epic event we have put Falcon high up on our list of “must fish” lakes and we finally had the opportunity to travel to Texas and see firsthand what the lake was all about just a few days ago. Falcon Lake is forty miles southeast of Laredo or sixty five miles west of McAllan Texas, both cities have airports that can accommodate anglers from all over the country. The lake itself is nearly 84 thousand acres in size and has a max depth of just over a hundred feet. Falcon is cut right down the middle by the border and half of the lake resides in Texas while the other half belongs to Mexico.


A look at the Dam at Falcon Lake   


The reservoir was formed by the construction of a dam on the Rio Grande river to provide water conservation, irrigation, flood control, and hydroelectricity to the area. The dam was dedicated by Mexican President Adolfo Ruiz Cortines and US President Dwight D. Eisenhower in October, 1953 and is currently managed jointly by governments of the United States and Mexico through the International Boundary and Water Commission. The lake was named after María Rita de la Garza Falcón, for whom the town of Falcon, displaced by the creation of the reservoir, was named.


The shoreline at the State Park on the Texas side of the lake, half of the lake resides in the U.S. the other side belongs to Mexico


In addition to the bass that draws most anglers to Falcon there are also resident Channel Catfish and even the occasional blue or flathead catfish. Recent drought conditions have adversely impacted the white bass and crappie populations. The current rod and reel Largemouth Bass record for Falcon is 15.12 pounds with a length of 24 inches. The record for an Alligator Gar is a whopping 213 pounds!


My guide for the day is local pro Dan Schoonveld


About Dan Schoonveld: While Cal was busy fishing with Trey and Kyle Kistler on day one of our trip I hit the water with FLW Pro and Local Guide Dan Schoonveld to learn more about what makes Falcon Lake such an impressive fishery. Dan has been guiding on the lake for just over two years and spends over 250 days on the water both guiding and tournament fishing. He has extensive knowledge of structure fishing from Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas to Toledo Bend Lake on the Texas/Louisiana border where he grew up.


We toss plastics into the submerged trees...

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