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TT EXCLUSIVE!! : Daiwa's PX/PXL Type R is Here! (continued)

Original Pixy Compatibility: Those already with JDM Pixy reels are going to wonder whether or not the 6.8:1 gear will fit into the original Pixy's body and the answer is yes, it does. You will need to replace the pinion gear along with the main gear and transfer over the drag stack you have installed in the original Pixy to the new gear. The new drag stack does not fit under the original Pixy's handle sideplate. Remember our PX68 vs Pixy comparison article from last year? The handle sideplates are slightly different inside allowing for a more robust stock stack in the newer version Pixy.

Want to put the 6.8:1 PX Type-R gear into your original, pre-2009 Pixy?

Don't forget to order a new pinion gear either because they are different (PX Type-R on the left, 2004 Pixy pinion gear on the right).

Availability: Daiwa USA has already released a limited number of their 2012 product to select retailers. The PX Type R retails for $499 and can be purchased right now from Hi's Tackle Box in South San Francisco along with the Z200H and Z200HS (USDM version of the Z2020), the 2012 Certate, and the Laguna, Daiwa's new low profile baitcasting offering in the $60 price point.

But that's not all Daiwa is bringing to North America.

The Z2020H has been rebranded as the Z200H.

And yes, it features the same 3D braking profile as its JDM counterpart.

A look beneath the sideplate.

The sideplate is locked with a dial shown on the right of this photo.

While access to the first brake adjustment is on the other side.

When the sideplate is closed, this smaller dial is used for fine tuning the brakes within each respective mode.

Daiwa's new 3D braking system is currently under tests with TackleTour. We took the original Z2020SH to the Amazon, but now we can combine it with our tests on the Z200 as well.

The Z200H/SH is just that, a 200 sized baitcaster from Daiwa.

That's not it for Daiwa this year. Stay tuned for more as we report live from ICAST next week.

Conclusion: Look for more information on these and more Daiwa USA 2012 product in our upcoming ICAST report which is just a week away. While we have the PX Type R all reassembled and ready for an on the water test, you can rest assured its siblings will share as similar fate in our lab once we get our hands on them.


We are still amazed the Daiwa PX Type R is available now, for details check out  Hi's Tackle Box









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