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Tackle Storage Review

This certainly isn't your Granma's Lure Cover (continued)

Performance cont'd: Mark also found the cover useful for storing shaky head, dart head, football jigs and open hooks you can open the cover and hook the hook of any of these baits inside which holds them neatly, would be great for a non boater wanting to keep his tackle ready and organized.


Once on the rod the CoverLure makes transport of the rig easy and safe

To really stress the capabilities of the CoverLure we put a Black Dog Shellcracker into a 6.5” x 4” CoverLure and dropped it from a height of 18 feet onto the pavement. Not only was the lure absolutely protected but the Coverlure also exhibited no signs of damage, and simply got a bit dirty.


CoverLure also offers personalization in the form of quality embroidery


The only issues we found were the smaller CoverLure was slightly small at the bend to go around massive swimbait style sticks. While it would close it would shift larger lures forward so that the hooks would get into the Velcro.


The CoverLure is closed with heavy duty Velcro

Durability: Durability on this product can be evaluated in two ways. One how well the product protects your lures, and secondly how the product stands up to prolonged usage. Lures can be expensive these days, especially if you are using premium Japanese lures, or handmade swimbaits (which by themselves can cost more than the rod or reel that you are throwing them on). Nothing is worse than buying a new swimbait and chipping and scratching it up before you even get to catch a lunker on it. CoverLures are good fro protecting these valuable baits during storage, or on the rod throughout transport in the car or on the boat.

The CoverLure is stitched and features extra nylon on the edges for durability

We found the CoverLure exceptionally good at organizing swimbaits too, as we could pack even the large ones right into our locker. The varying colors and patterns made it easy to identify the swimbaits, and it is possible to label the lure covers with making tape and a permanent marker.

A new longer version for Muskie lures and swimbaits

After using these covers for two months we have not noticed any wear what so ever and it appears that they will last a long time under even the most adverse conditions. Sure the wool may not be as it was when it came out of the bag, but they continue to function beautifully.

A Swimbait inside the longer version

Price: The CoverLure’s are certainly not the cheapest lure covers out there, but they are not outrageously priced either. Each 6.5 x 4” cover retails for $14.95 each, but cost only 10 dollars each when you purchase two. Swimbait sized CoverLures cost $35.00 for two. When you consider the robust construction and use of actual natural wool the price doesn’t seem all that bad at all, and if you are an avid swimbait fisherman and do employ expensive swimbaits then the CoverLure has your name all over it.


No more hooks in the leg while running the boat hard


Applications: The CoverLure is good for whenever you want to guard against loose treble hooks, protect a lure, and Mark even brought up the value of hiding it from your competitors during a tourney situation. In addition we found a number of other uses, including the ability to protect your belongings when not in use, for example when your not using the CoverLure you can store your keys, wallet, loose change, whatever all in one easy to find pocket, which can be placed inside your console storage or tackle box. Other uses include being able to keep your lures wet (like porks) or even scented throughout the day. Zander also liked the CoverLure for saltwater applications. Buy wrapping it around large irons the baits wouldn't move around at all when held upright in rod holders during rough runs.



CoverLure Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Simply the best constructed lure cover we have seen to date. The quality on this lure cover is excellent, and the natural wool is a very nice implementation 9.5
Performance The CoverLures work well except for when you pair a massive lure with a large diameter rod, this will push the lure to the Velcro area. That said this is still the best lure cover we have seen to date. 8.5
Price The CoverLure isn't cheap, but if you consider how good the solution is and what it costs to use natural wool the price seems reasonable all of a sudden 8
Features In terms of features the CoverLure is pretty much as good as it gets. The only way we see to improve the actual design is to put a small windowed area into the side where you could slip a piece of paper in in to label swimbaits. This would be good if you have a serious arsenal 9
Design (Ergonomics) The CoverLure is reliable and easy to use, and the natural wool really makes it easy to get lures in and out. Unlike other lure covers lures just don't flop out once you open the cover. The wool offers some resistance without ever getting tangled 9
Application This product does exactly what it claims to do and more. We are sure that you will find other uses for it that we didn't even think of. As far as lure covers go the CoverLure is so good that it makes others look downright bad 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Well built, interior and exteriors are high quality L The fold area is slightly small and is a little difficult to get around a large rod diameter with big lures inside
J Sturdy, holds up well  
J Nice design,  looks sleek  
J Not cheap...but priced right  
J Multiple uses  

Conclusion: Mark called the CoverLure an “Awesome product, one that is well designed, very durable and has a great many uses. Plus it’s reasonably priced.” He proceeded to get a complete matching set for all his rods. The CoverLure  is in all senses of the word “premium,” and unlike other covers before it actually offers anglers something new and exciting, something we never thought we would see in something as simple as a lure cover. But that is exactly it, CoverLure realized that lure covers in the past are exactly that….simple. By really doing the homework and bringing a new material and design to a familiar design a quality product, one that is unique, was born, If you haven’t used a lure cover in the past pick up just one of these an give it a try, you’ll be surprised how much you like it, and we have no doubt that you will find other uses for this product as well. When it comes to lure protection, safety, storage, and ease of use CoverLure has just set a new benchmark in bait covers.










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