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Lure Review

What the.. Finessing Peacocks? Yes, with the Caribe Jig (continued)

The Stroke: When it comes to fishing jigs and using them as a “finesse” alternative, the natural inclination is to work the bait slow. Toss it out and drag it along the bottom, or slowly hop it back to you on the retrieve. In Amazonian terms, finesse fishing with a jig means working it back to your position like you would when ripping a jerkbait. Seriously? Seriously.

... and my biggest (18lb) thanks to the Caribe Jig.

High speed reels and braided line were the rule, and if youre easily winded, get ready for a work out, rip, rip, pause-rip-rip-rip-rip. Granted, there were times where I fell back into bass jig retrieving cadence, usually while gasping for air in between gulps of Gatorade, and I did get hits doing this, but the majority of the time, you’re working these smaller baits as fast as you can sustain.

These jigs catch fish and all the fish in the Amazon have teeth!

Durability: So, after the first day, when word got out that jig bite was really going to be the ticket, Zander and JIP raided my inventory. Fortunately, it was one of those rare occasions where Steve Yatomi, owner of Adventure Travel Alliance, had spares on board. I restocked with 10 more jigs, so when all was said and done, we had about 30 jigs between the four of us. I think MAYBE one jig made it back intact.

... as a result, these jigs get chewed ...

These jigs catch fish and the fish all have teeth. If it isn’t the piranhas biting the extended tails off the jigs, it’s the Triedas ripping the jigs to shreds. If it isn’t the Triedas beating up on your jig, it’s a peacock mangling anything that’s left.

... and chewed ...

While the jigs will catch peacocks in any shape or form, your best chance for numbers and consistent hits are with jigs that are intact. Something about that extended tail in these jigs really helps with the action and gives the bait a little extra peacock enticing allure. Rule of thumb? Keep retying with new ones until you run out then fish the leftovers.

... and chewed!!

We’re unsure as to the brand of hook used on these lures, but they hold up perfectly fine. The key here is braided line and a good, stout backbone so when you set that hook, the hook is driven home – no stretch in the line, no give in the rod, drag set tight, but not locked down (you need to give a peacock room to run or it will break something in your gear – guaranteed).

The secret? Bring plenty of backups!

Availability: Have your trip already booked but need some jigs? The best place we’ve found to order the Caribe Jig is direct from the manufacturer at caribelures dot com. The cost for these lures is five dollars each so be careful, it’s easy to run up a large tab. Our guides recommended red/white, red/yellow, and green/white for colors.


Caribe Lures Jig Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Simple but really well made 9
Performance Hard to argue with the results 9.5
Price They add up quick, but it's easier than tying yourself - at least for me it is 8
Features Good sharp hooks and hand tied 9
Design (Ergonomics) The mylar strip and little added tail are nice touches 9
Application When it's time to finesse those peacocks, these jigs deliver! 10

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Good, sharp hooks - The toothy critters in the Amazon river make it necessary to have a good supply of backup
+ The added strips of mylar and a tail section make for a confidence inspiring profile and flash  
+ Good basic color choices so you don't have to go too crazy with variety  


Conclusion: If the topwater strike in peacock bass fishing is as a walk off grand slam is to baseball, then catching a peacock bass on a “finesse” Caribe Jig is like an inning ending double play to preserve the lead. Both plays are exciting, but one is far flashier and takes the confluence of a greater number of events to achieve. If you had to lay a bet as to which play you’d be more likely to see in any given ballgame, the smart money would be on the double play.


The technique may be considered finesse ...

Finesse fishing for Peacock Bass may not be where the glamour lies but if you want to play the numbers game, the jig is it. In particular, those offered by Caribe Lures out of Chattanooga, Tennessee are particularly effective.

... But I'll take results like this any day of the year.

If the topwater strike is to peacock bass fishing as a slam dunk result in the middle of a half court play is in basketball. Then catching a peacock bass on a “finesse” Caribe Jig is like nailing a three pointer with the shot clock expiring. Both plays are exciting, but one is flashier and elicits a bigger response from the crowd. Having the ability to hit both types of shots is great, but sometimes, the knees just give out and you have to park it at the three point line. It’s still far from easy, but when you nail that shot and get the fish in the net, the rush is just as indescribable.









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