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Event Article

New terminal tackle and optics at the Big Rock Show


Date: 1/13/10
Location: Big Rock Show, Las Vegas
Event Date: Jan 4-7, 2010
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: We return to the Big Rock Show to check out some new hooks from Mustad as well as the latest optics from Costa Del Mar. It is hard to innovate in both these categories and yet both companies manage to do just that.


A proportionally correct circle hook for consistency across the entire line


Mustad: Terminal tackle giant Mustad has been busy at work and it shows, the company recently introduced the world's only proportionally correct circle hook. So what does that mean? Most hooks change in proportion as the sizes move up and down the spectrum. Mustad Demon Perfect Offset Circle Hooks feature "precision proportions" so that on each hook the point angle and length, gap, front length and all other parameters have the same proportions across the entire size range. The hooks feature a new modified point design with a 96 degree angle that is optimal for insuring a higher percentage of lip or jaw hooking, this improves catch and release for conservation practices. 


The new KVD hooks are designed to improve hook up ratios


Mustad also introduces the new KVD Elite Series Trebles which are designed for power applications. These hooks feature an angled design for increased hook ups but the same wide gap as traditional hooks. The hooks all feature opti-angle needle points, are Nor-Tempered, chemically sharpened and finished in black nickel.


The Slow Death Rig is designed to go where traditional blade rigs cannot


The Mustad "Slow Death Rig" comes armed with one of the oddest looking hooks out there, and is designed to impart a unique corkscrew presentation. When rigged with a nightcrawler the rig will allow anglers to present the bait in tight areas that faster blade presentations skip over. Simply tie the Slow Death Rig to a bottom bouncer and go to town. Each rig comes with a size 2 hook, a 48" 10lb. fluorocarbon leader with a holographic bead and size 14 Mustad rolling swivel.


The Mustad finesse pliers are great for smaller fish or even fly fishing applications


Mustad also continues to grow their line of tools and this season the lineup grows with a wide assortment of new pliers, fish holding tools, knives and even the no-scent aluminum soap bar. One tool that caught our attention was the 4.5" finesse pliers which feature an ultra fine needle nose tip for smaller fish and precision applications.


The locking strap on the sheath faces outwards so they can slip on without removing your belt


Like Mustad's other pliers this pair is built from high carbon steel with a Nor-Guard black nickel finish for improved corrosion resistance. The pliers make use of posi-traction grips with moisture channeling ridges that help move water away to maintain a firm grip. Mustad pliers also come with a durable high-denier sheath with a clever locking belt strap that doesn't require you to remove your belt to attach the holster.


Steve Tagami showed us all the new Mustad hooks and tools


Costa Del Mar: When it comes to optics for anglers there are few sunglass companies that are as in tune with what anglers need out of a pair of polarized sunglasses than Costa Del Mar. The company not only studies the applications that anglers will use their sunglasses in but also is active in helping protect the environment and the fish for future generations.


Meet the "Brine," one of Costa Del Mar's sunglasses designed for anglers


At the show we took a look at the "Expedition" series of sunglasses which feature the company's most hard core nylon frames. We took a closer look at the "Brine" model which features Hydrolite material for specially molded non slip temples. This material is actually fused into the frame so it will not come off like many competing sunglasses that use rubber slips.  


The silver mirror lenses are so light we couldn't believe they were glass


The Brine comes in three different frame colors including tortoise, matte black and gunmetal and can be ordered in a wide variety of lenses including CR-39 composite material or a plethora of polarized glass options. The hinges on the Brine are integrated and are designed to be very tough.


How many sunglasses feature their own venting


We particularly liked the silver mirror glass because it offers exceptional clarity in a wide range of conditions and low overall weight. If we didn't know it we would have thought the sunglasses had plastic lenses they were so light. We had to take them outside to see just how good they were in natural sunlight, and they not only looked fantastic they felt so light it was easy to forget they were there.


The Hydrolite material is molded into the frames for comfort and reliability


Worried about your lenses fogging up? The Brine helps reduce fogging with patented venting on the side of each lens. The lens size on the Brine is medium sized and the sunglasses feature a sleek compact profile. They retail for $139.00 with gray CR39 lenses or $239.00 with the silver mirror glass lenses.


Brad Abbott sports the Brine and shows us the Costa Del mar offering designed specifically for anglers


The Big Rock Show offered some nice surprises, and while there was nowhere as much new product as one would expect to see at ICAST it is a great show for manufacturers to fine tune their offering and meet with dealers who are looking to add more options to their mid-season line card. If more companies like Shimano, Mustad and Seaguar continue to introduce new products in January there is a good chance many more manufacturers will follow suit with more mid year releases. Big Rock West kicked off the annual fishing trade show season and many regional shows are now kicking into gear including the International Sportsmen Expositions, are you ready to gear up? It's showtime!


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