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Lure Review

What happens when a Swimbait and a prop bait get together, meet the Basstar Proprunner (continued)

Durability: The Basstar Proprunner is constructed out of durable transparent ABS plastic that is similar to standard ABS but is best used for products requiring impact resistance. The lure has a rather large diameter body but we didnít experience any cracking problems with this hollow bait. Another reason that Basstar chose this particular material is that it is easy to work with when stamping, printing, and painting. We were initially concerned that the swivel hook design might not offer the durability of traditional wire and split rings and if were one to break it would be difficult to service, but throughout all our tests we never had a single one break.

A close look at the finish on the Silent Runner

Price & Applications: Each Basstar Proprunner retails for $34.99, and if youíre a big bait fan that price probably wonít even phase you, but if you are just a casual angler the price is certainly a major investment. The Proprunner is easy enough to fish and anglers need not be proficient in big baits to have success with this lure, in fact anglers that are used to topwater baits like spooks and prop baits will adjust quickest to this particular lure.

The Silentrunner has a skirt instead of the prop and does not put out a big wake but is much easier to walk the dog with

Throughout our tests we found the Basstar effective for both largemouth and striped bass and would love to try the lure on larger species including Muskie and even Peacock bass which would likely take interest in the lureís distinctive surface noise and action. Basstar is looking to expand their line and will be bringing the bait out in the same rainbow trout and white patterns without the prop and a skirt instead, much like the existing limited edition chartreuse shad.

We fished the lure under bridges and by rocky structure. Working the lure on calm water had the best results, the prop brings a lot of attention to the lure on the surface

Basstar will also be offering a downsized 4 inch version for when the fish want something smaller, and the new bait will be available in May starting with three patterns including chartreuse shad, blue gill, and frog. The smaller baits will be available with the prop and without, the ones without the prop will have a rotating feathered hook on the tail. The only minor change in the profile of the bait is the inclusion of stabilizer wings near the tail which will help the bait walk easier.

A largemouth released under the bridge

In addition to a smaller Proprunner bait Basstar has also been hard at work on a two different crankbaits that will be shortly released, one that has been creating a buzz among anglers who have only seen the prototype is a new crankbait design can run down to any desired depth, the company claims up even up to 100 feet if needed. Joe Uribe Sr has been catching fish at 30-40 feet of water with the prototype.

A sneak peek at the upcoming 4" Proprunner

The DR20 is the floating version of this crankbait that will dive to around 20 feet and also comes with rotating hooks front and back, the lead lipped version is called the Dredger and will dive nose straight down to any depth desired and will stand straight up once it hits bottom.

Notice the stabilizer wings on the back of the new bait which will make it easier to walk the dog with

The Dredger crankbait has balanced weights in the belly and the lip so that it dives straight down without any spirals or turning. It also has the weight transfer in the belly to improve casting distance. The surface of the bait has dimples much like a golf ball. The company plans to make the DR20 and Dredger available in mid May to early June starting with 3 colors which include chartreuse shad, red craw, and firetiger.

The Dredger is designed to get down....way down


Basstar Proprunner Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The Basstar Proprunner is built out of quality components and while we were at first concerned about the connection of the rotating hooks they held up perfectly in our tests. 8.5
Performance We rated the Basstar Proprunner good in this category. There are many ways to fish the lure but the most effective method is the "walk the dog" and it takes a little longer to get the side to side action down compared to other baits. It is possible to tune the bait's prop to vary the churn and spit of the propeller's rotation 7
Price The Basstar Proprunner retails for a MSRP of $34.99 which is a bit on the expensive side but the bait can be found at e-tailers like Tackle Warehouse for $29.99 7.5
Features The bait's finish looks good but somewhat mass produced versus custom like on some other big baits. The prop design churns up plenty of water and the rotating hooks are a nice innovation to help keep fish pinned on 8
Design (Ergonomics) The Proprunner is a big bait and is best fished with a light swimbait rod. There are multiple ways to fish this bait and the rotating hook system helps keep fish from throwing the lure 8
Application We found the Basstar Proprunner good for bass and stripers when the water's surface was not too choppy and believe that the lure would also be good for larger freshwater species including Musky and Pike, and can even be used for Peacock bass 8.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
(For a detailed explanation of the ratings go here)

Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J An interesting blend of different bait types into one fun to fish lure design L Learning curve on the prop version is steeper than other topwater baits to walk the dog aggressively
J 360 Rotating hook design helps keep fish pinned on  
J Durable, survived violent surface strikes  
J Good for multiple species  


Conclusion: Basstar is a new brand on the big bait scene and their first introduction is an interesting one. How do you classify this first bait from Basstar? The best description is a giant prop bait designed for swimbait anglers. We found the Proprunner to be well built and able to catch fish on the surface, especially when the waterís surface was calm. I found the Proprunner entertaining to fish as it can be worked in a number of different ways though I found popping and walking the bait to be the most effective for enticing both Largemouth Bass and Stripers to strike. The surface strikes on the bait are intense and the 360 degree hook design helps keep fish pinned. If youíre a fan of big baits, propbaits, and topwater action the Basstar Proprunner offers all three in one fun to fish package.


Looking for the Basstar Proprunner, Tackle Warehouse has the Proprunner for a special price of $29.99










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