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Tackle Storage Review

Albackore’s Reel Transports help organize and protect precious tackle at home and on the go (continued)


Applications: Though primarily designed for reel transportation the Albackore bags can actually double as a secondary tackle box. This versatile containment system is great for saltwater and freshwater applications, whether you are hiking from the car down to the rivers edge, or simply making a short trek from the parking lot down to the launch ramp. In our tests we used these bags on our Boston Whaler, our Triton and Skeeter bass boats, and on the local pier. Part of what makes this bag so versatile is the many ways in which you can carry it. The transport can be latched on top of your Albackore II fishing bag, or carried alone via the handle or a shoulder strap. Because the bag has another internal pocket it can be used to separate items like bags of plastic lures, pliers, and hooks from your reels. The compartments can be customized to carry everything from a backup reel to spare spools or boxes of lures. Albackore even goes the extra mile by putting in a windowed slot on the back which can be used to hold a name card or fishing license.

The handle is padded and comfortable to grasp even when the bag is loaded up


Inside the belly of our bass boat, with this bag we had six backup baitcasters with us on every trip


Rings on the side of the bag allow anglers to attach an accessory over the shoulder strap


Price: Albackore bags are never the cheapest bags on the market, but why should they be? These bags are premium in just about every way. From the clever design to the excellent build quality these handsome understated storage solutions are intended for the angler that is looking for the very best solution money can buy. The Albackore Reel transports cost between 29.99 and 69.99 depending on size. This is just slightly more than some of the other solutions on the market, but none that we have seen to date can offer the versatility and build quality the Albackore solution can.


The nylon zippers never exhibited any signs of wear and tear, even after being overloaded on many occasions


As a final plus Albackore has a windowed pocket to holster licenses or name cards


Albackore Reel Transports Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality This bag is built with the same quality and all the other Albackore products. In terms of storage the quality of the Albackore solutions is hard to beat 9
Performance These reel transports do everything they are designed to do and more. The customizable interior design allows you to use the storage bag to hold everything from reels to extra spools of line 9
Price These bags cost a bit more than some of the other solutions, but we think that the extra couple bucks is worth it in this case. Why skimp on just a few bucks when the cargo inside the padded interior is worth so much more than that? 8
Features The bag has all the features you need. If Albackore could find a way to make this bag waterproof than it could be used for dry storage too on wet boat rides. This would make the bag even suitable to carry precious electronics. If the company could do that than the bag would instantly gain a following from kayak and pontoon anglers....now that would be a perfect 10 8
Design (Ergonomics) Fantastic design, with loops and tabs everywhere. Jeff is becoming famous for adding extras, and if you already own a Albackore II or III backpack this is a great addition 8.5
Application Whether you are a shore angler, or a offshore fisherman, or a basser, the Albackore Reel Transports provide excellent protection for your backup reels or whatever you desire to squeeze into its customizable main compartment 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Offers plenty of protection for reels and other tackle L Slightly more expensive than other solutions
J Versatile design  
J Durable construction  
J Integrates into existing Albackore bags  

Conclusion: There hasn't been a single Albackore solution we have tested to date where we haven't paused and said "you know what? That's a good design." Albackore is one of those companies that does the due diligence to engineer their product to address the "real" needs of anglers. We spend so much money on our gear (especially reels), why not go that extra mile and safeguard them? The Albackore Reel Transports do a fantastic job organizing and protecting your reels at home or on the go, but they are so much more than just another padded bag. The clever adaptable design of these transports makes it possible to use them as extra tackle storage with the Albackore flagship tackle system bags. If you don't own the Albackore II or III backpack no worries, the reel transport is versatile enough to be used as a stand alone tackle bag, one that can be used for all types of fishing. Now that is a "good design," indeed.












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