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Lure Review

Topwater Annihilation: the 3:16 Wake Jr. (continued)

Durability: This bait from 3:16 has a bullet proof feel to it. I only fished it on the one trip before sitting down to write this article because I found it to be that effective, so unfortunately, no long-term or even short term durability tests were conducted and I simply could not bring myself to chuck this bait up onto the rip rap - not when with my very own $80 at stake here. With that said, there is nothing about this bait concerns me from a durability perspective. The hardware is all, very solid and specifically chosen to be made of stainless steel. The finish is first rate, so that leaves us with the bill and tail as the only areas of potential failure on this bait. This is typical of all baits in this class and is only brought up in this article as a potential point of eventual failure - not actual.


I double dare you...

Application: As one might expect, the Wake Jr. is a surface bait. Anytime you might think of throwing a topwater bait, and even on occasions you might not think to do this, is a good time to throw this bait. Conditions on the Delta the one day of testing for this bait? Clear, blue bird skies in the middle of spring with minimal wind. Does that sound like a topwater day to you? Sure doesn't to me.


The 3:16 Baby Bass is almost identical to the Wake Jr but shaped after a bass instead of a trout

The head of the Baby Bass is shaped just a little differently

Effectiveness: Normally, when I'm throwing topwaters, I like a bit of cloud cover, or, failing that, some ripple on the water from a good breeze. This day was less than ideal from that perspective, but I was dying to try this bait on my new combo that I acquired just for this bait, so I threw it anyway just to see how it felt and to see what the bait could do. As discussed earlier, this bait can really dance.

Both baits feature a solid lexan tail

Viewed from the top

So, about an hour to hour and a half into this bait, I cast it up to within twelve inches of shore right next to an old, broken piling, I made one jerk with the tip of the White Python, just enough to get the Wake Jr.'s head submerged in the water and WOOSH! I reeled in the slack quickly with the rod tip pointed down, felt a little bit of pressure, and snapped the rod back quickly. Everything fell into place and it was fish on! After a brief battle, long enough for me to admire how well this rod handled the topwater presentation of the Wake Jr. and the fish, we had my catch in the boat - just over five pounds.


Another look at the head details of this bait

A quick picture and the fish was back in the water and I had a new favorite combo that included a dedicated bait! I caught another three pounder up against some tules and a four and a half that same day, but the one that really sticks with me is that first fish. Hopefully it will not be the last as I intend to fish this combo again and again.

The Baby Bass also has a different dorsal fin


Availability: The 3:16 Wake Jr. is available at a select group of online etailers as well as direct from 3:16's website. The color selection on 3:16's website is not as diverse as from other sources, so be aware of this when searching for the bait online. If your local tackle stores carries 3:16's product, then you've probably already seen the baits in the store shelves.



3:16 Wake Jr. Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality From top to bottom, back to front, this bait screams of quality 10
Performance It only took one trip to convince me.. outstanding 10
Price Always tough with baits of this ilk 7
Features Solid state components throughout 9
Design (Ergonomics) Incredibly realistic with fantastic paint details 10
Application It's topwater time! 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Incredible Detailing L Price to play is high
J Unreal action when twitched L Not available with the White Python and Calcutta DC combo ;)
J Solid solid components  
J Topwater swimbaits.. crazy!  


Rod, reel, bait, working together for the ultimate prize.


Conclusion: You know you've gone off the deep end when you go out to purchase a rod to match, not just a reel, but one specific bait. Swimbait madness has taken full effect here at TackleTour, and the product from 3:16 Lure Company only serves to feed that craze. Throw in some addicting topwater action along with the swimbait experience and you have the makings of what could result into a full blown aneurism. I cannot wait to try this combo out in pursuit of some topwater striper action later this year, but at the same time, I could not wait to share my enthusiasm for this bait with all of you. A $500 rod purchased exclusively for this one bait and a complete review after only one trip? This type of passion, enthusiasm, and madness can only mean one thing. You got it, and so does the Wake Jr. - TackleTour's Ultimate Enthusiast Award!












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