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Crankbait (Evergreen International Wild Hunch): Available in three diving depths from 2 to 8 feet, Evergreen's Wild Hunch has been a staple of ours for several years for the plain and simple fact that it catches fish. Once pretty difficult to source, now thanks to a distribution agreement with Daiwa, this bait, along with all the other Evergreen International baits are now easily available in the US.

Crankbait : Evergreen International Wild Hunch (WH).

 Evergreen's Wild Hunch (WH for short) makes a great stocking stuffer and is available at TackleWarehouse for between $9.97 - $14.99 depending on model and color.

Deep Diving Crankbait : Lucky Craft DD DRS

Deep Diving Crankbait (Lucky Craft DD DRS): Does that crankbait fisherman on your list typically target depths of ten to thirteen feet? Then Lucky craft's DD DRS might be just the ticket. Offered in a 2.5DD or 3.5DD size, this bait features a loud knocker that is designed trigger big strikes. Lucky Craft's DD DRS crankbait retails for between $11.99 - $15.00 at TackleWarehouse.

Xtra Deep Diving Crank : Strike King 10XD

Xtra Deep Diving Crank (Strike King 10XD): For that crankbait angler on your list that targets depths of twenty feet or more, we recommend the one and only Strike King 10XD. Designed to dive up to twenty five feet on fourteen pound fluorocarbon, we find Cal dredging with his 10XD in only ten feet of water sometimes. It is more versatile than you might think and a proven fish catcher making it an excellent stocking stuffer for that angler on your list. Strike King's 10XD retails for $12.99 at TackleWarehouse.

Lipless Crankbait : Spro Aruku Shad

Lipless Crank (Spro Aruku Shad): Available in three different sizes from half an ounce to a full one ounce, Spro's lipless Aruku Shad is as versatile as they come and a Best Value Award winning stocking stuffer that can fill more than one stocking. This bait is effective on staging fish to bedding fish (it rests on the bottom nose down and tail up like a feeding baitfish) and throughout post-spawn as a search bait. It retails for between $6.49 to $8.89 in 22 different colors at TackleWarehouse.

Rip Bait : Megabass Kanata

Rip Bait (Megabass Kanata): If that angler on your list is a fan of rip baits and isn't afraid to supersize their bait choice from time to time, then Megabass of America's Kanata rip bait may be just the ticket for them. Measuring six and a third inches in length and weighing in at one full ounce, this slow-floating rip bait is a big meal ticket designed for big bites. It is available in 10 different colors and retails for $24.99 at TackleWarehouse.

Wire Bait : Z-Man Quadzilla Spinnerbait

Wire Bait (Z-Man Quadzilla Spinnerbait): Spinnerbaits were once the go to bait for so many anglers and while they are still proven fish catchers they have seemed to take a backseat to the many new lure types available today. It is hard to innovate when it comes to spinnerbaits but Z-Man successfully mixes things up with the Quadzilla 4 Arm Spinnerbait.

Z-Man has combined the flash and ease of use of a spinnerbait with the multi-arm design of a mini A-Rig to create the Quadzilla, and one of the most innovative things about this hybrid bait is that it features a collapsible design, making it easy to stow and deploy the in seconds.

Part spinnerbait, part A-Rig, all fun to fish, the new Quadzilla is designed to present something new to largemouth, and offers multiple strike triggering elements in a single bait that retails for a reasonable $9.99 each at TackleWarehouse.

Jig : Missile Jigs Ike Flip Out Jig

Jig (Missile Jigs Ike Flip Out Jig): Mike Ioconelli was more excited than usual this past year at ICAST because he and John Crews had a new jig to show appropriately named Ike's Flip Out Jig. It is designed around a big 5/0 VMC hook with a weight forward design that ensures a perfectly natural fall as it glides down in the water post-flip/pitch. Missile Jig's new Ike's Flip Out Jig is available in three sizes from 3/8oz - 3/4oz and in eight different colors for $4.99 - $5.99 per jig at TackleWarehouse.

Soft Plastic : Roboworm FAT Worm - Straight Tail

Soft Baits (Roboworm FAT Worm Straight Tail): The Roboworm Straight Tail is one of the most imitated baits on the market, and the reason is simple, these worms just plain work!

Sometimes a fatter worm means more strikes, or bigger fish, and to mix things up the company's FAT worm features a thicker head section that resists tearing better to help keep your bait pinned when fish are biting.

Available in so many proven colors the Roboworm FAT worm is a must have for any angler that understands just how deadly finesse fishing can be. Available in packs of 8 in 4.5" and 6" variations these worms are a hot commodity at TackleWarehouse for only $3.69-$3.99 per pack.    

Creature Bait : Big Bite Baits Tube Craw

Creature Bait (Big Bite Baits Tube Craw): With so many creature bait options out there, it was difficult to narrow our gift guide pick down to just one, but a recently introduced bait by Big Bite Bait Company really has us intrigued. It's the combination of a craw trailer with the body of a tube bait. We can imagine drop shotting this bait on Lake Berryessa or flipping it in and around the pennywort on the CA Delta. The inclusion of Big Bite Juice scent turned Riley off, but that means when fish strike, they'll hold on longer giving you a better chance to set that hook. Don't worry, the scent doesn't reveal itself until you open the bag so the bait will remain a secret stuffed in your favorite angler's stocking. Big Bite Bait Company's Tube Craw retails for $3.49 per pack of eight at TackleWarehouse.

Drop Shot Bait : Keitech Easy Shaker

Drop Shot Bait (Keitech Easy Shaker): Keitech snuck their way onto the fishing scene four or five years ago with their very popular paddletail swimbaits. Did you know they also make a finesse worm? The company's Easy Shaker comes in two lengths (4.5" & 5.5") and has been a go-to drop shot bait for Cal this past season. But of course, like all finesse worms, that's not all it can do. Keitech's Easy Shaker is available in 12 different colors and retails for $3.97 - $4.99 per pack of 10 at TackleWarehouse.

Stick Bait : Roboworm Ned Worm

Stick Bait (Roboworm Ned Worm): There's a new bait configuration sweeping the bass angling world and it involves tipping a mushroom shaped jighead with a soft plastic stick bait. One of our favorite soft plastic bait company's just debuted a worm to capitalize on this rig and Roboworm calls it the Ned Worm. The company uses the same, ultra soft, almost hand pour like plastic to mold this worm and sells it in 20 different colors and in two different sizes. Want to surprise that ned-rig fishing angler on your list? How about a brand new, just to the market bait to try when the ice thaws? Roboworm's Ned Worm retails for $3.99 - $4.29 per pack and is available right now at TackleWarehouse.

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