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Holiday Gift Guide


2017 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 2): Enthusiast Tackle and Lures


Date: 11/24/17
Tackle Type: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: We return in part 2 of this year's Holiday Gift Guide with some of the most exciting product categories, the flagship products we drool over in the Enthusiast range as well as the complete spectrum of lures. 

Enthusiast Casting Reel : Shimano Metanium MGL

Enthusiast Casting Reel (Shimano Metanium MGL): When Shimano Japan re-imaged the Metanium back in 2013, we couldn't get Cal to stop talking about the reel. Then, not more than three short years after, Shimano Japan went and refined the reel further with the Metanium MGL inserting that same, lightweight, high performing spool that made the Chronarch MGL Cal's current go to low profile baitcasting reel. Of course, what makes the Chronarch MGL fall a little short is its composite frame and sideplates. In a world where magnesium reels are growing more rare, you get none of that compromise with Metanium MGL. What's more, Shimano is still importing this JDM reel for sale in the USDM making it an easy choice for our Enthusiast Casting Reel pick in this year's Gift Guide. Shimano's Metanium MGL is available at TackleWarehouse for $419.99.

Enthusiast Casting Rod : G.Loomis Conquest

Enthusiast Casting Rod (GLoomis Conquest): Is this rod a domestic or is it JDM? The answer is both! The Shimano G.Loomis Conquest is a hybrid of sorts, a joint development of both teams.

The Conquest is the highest end rod in the G.Loomis lineup and blends proven rod design and beloved MBR actions with Shimano's cutting-edge Spiral-X technology which virtually eliminates unwanted blank twists. The result is a rod that delivers NRX level sensitivity with increased casting accuracy and fighting power.

The added benefit of incorporating SpiralX/Hi-Power materials and technology into a G.Loomis rod is a backbone that just will not quit. The Conquest puts the hurt on fish with quick hooksets and even more leverage under load. Finishing off these rods are Fuji Torzite guides and premium quality ergonomically sculpted cork grips. As with so many other Enthusiast Grade products the Conquest rods do cost a pretty penny at $649-$674 dollars each, which may seem like a lot but certainly will not deter enthusiasts from fishing the new G.Loomis halo offering. The entire range of Conquest rods are now available at TackleWarehouse.

Enthusiast Swimbait Rod : Megabass of America F10-711X Onager

Enthusiast Swimbait Rod (Megabass Destroyer Onager): Ownage is Onager and we continue to feel that way about our Enthusiast Swimbait Rod pick, Megabass of America's Destroyer F10-711X Onager. If the enthusiast on your list (or you) covet high end, performance, and styling, it's really difficult to deny the allure of Megabass.

If the enthusiast on your list (or you) also enjoys throwing big baits and they don't already have this stick then the Onager makes the perfect gift for 2017. Need more incentive? How about an Enthusiast level big bait stick for under $450?

Megabass of America's Destroyer F10-711X Onager retails for $425 at TackleWarehouse.

Enthusiast Spinning Reel : Stella FI

Enthusiast Spinning Reel (Shimano Stella FI): While you can put a Conquest reel on the Conquest rod if you are looking for an Enthusiast Grade spinning reel the Shimano Stella FI is pretty much as good as it gets. The Stella FI has stood the test of time and delivers all the best technologies that Shimano offers in spinning including a micro module gear and the S-Drive system that enables the handle to screw directly into the drive gear for pure power transfer and no back play. The Core Protect finish gives the a premium look while ensuring it keeps contaminants out of the reel's inner workings, even when used in brackish and saltwater applications. With the refinement of a fine Swiss watch the Stella FI 2000 will set you back $789 dollars. Worth it? Let's just say it is hard to fish anything else once you have had a chance to catch a fish on a Stella FI.  

Enthusiast Spinning Rod : Megabass Addermine

Enthusiast Spinning Rod (Megabass Destroyer Addermine): Zander somehow wrestled away review duties of Megabass of America's Destroyer F3.5-611XS Addermine away from Cal. What we've discovered is that Zander can be a little slow sometimes in sharing his results. Only because he enjoys being thorough - as in thoroughly enjoying his fishing time with this new stick. Judging from Zander's enthusiasm, we're pretty certain the finesse angler on your list will feel the same, so we've made it our pick for this year's Enthusiast Spinning Rod. Megabass of America's Destroyer F3.5-611XS Addermine can be found at TackleWarehouse for $399.99.

Enthusiast Hardbait : Megabass of America I Jack

Enthusiast Hardbait (Megabass I Jack): The Megabass I Jack has been out for a couple of years now but we didn't have the opportunity to throw the bait until this past year. Not to give anything away for the bait's pending review but that very first day we threw it was quite the eye opener. After that initial day, there wasn't a fishing trip over the summer where either Zander or Cal did not have the bait tied on - and quite often, both did. If you're looking for something unique and all together un-intuitive, yet very effective for that very selective angler on your list, get them an I Jack for Megabass of America. It retails for $19.99 at TackleWarehouse.

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