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Freshwater Casting Rod (G.Loomis MBR842C GLX) : Fresh off its stint as one of our Ultimate Enthusiast Award winning pieces of tackle this year is G.Loomis's revitalized MBR842C GLX. On paper, it's simply a medium powered casting rod built on a blank rolled with high end graphite, but in hand, it is the classic all-purpose stick for those who enjoy the thrill of the fight.

Freshwater Casting Rod : G.Loomis's MBR842C GLX

The new GLX's blank is rolled, and the entire rod assembled in G.Loomis's long standing factory in Woodland, Washington. G.Loomis's MBR842C GLX will tackle the enthusiasm of any angler on your list. It retails for $449.99 at TackleWarehouse.


Freshwater Spinning Rod : ARK Rods Invoker IVK610MLXS


Freshwater Spinning Rod (ARK Rods Invoker IVK610MLXS): ARK Rods burst onto the scene last year as a new rod manufacturer featuring aggressively styled sticks built at reasonable price points. It's obvious price points talk because their rise in popularity was instant. We finally got our hands on some of these sticks post ICAST 2016 and are happy to recommend their Invoker IVK610MLXS as our Freshwater Spinning Rod for this year's Holiday Gift Guide. This six foot ten inch, medium light, powered stick with an extra-fast taper retails for $149.99 at TackleWarehouse.

Creature Rod : Abu Garcia Fantasized Premier FNPC70-6

Creature Rod (Abu Garcia Fantasista Premier FNPC70-6): As much as we all enjoy a good reaction bite or grinding for fish with light line and light powered rods, sometimes, it's difficult to replace the thrill of pitching a jig or Texas rigged piece of plastic up to visible structure and getting that positive feedback of a thump at the end of your line. For that angler on your list who prefers to pitch, punch, flip, and rip, their way to a limit we recommend Abu Garcia's 7'-0" Fantasista Premier FNPC70-6 for its mix in contemporary styling coupled with excellent performance. The FNPC70-6 retails for $299.99 at TackleWarehouse.

Cranking Rod : Evergreen International RCSC-73HG Jack Hammer

Cranking Rod (Evergreen International Jack Hammer): Speaking of reaction bites, Evergreen International stepped up big this year with the introduction of their Brett Hite Combat Series of sticks made for the USDM. Headlining this brand new series is their RCSC-73HG Jack Hammer - a stick based on their coveted Leopard cranking stick but available for one third of the price with an actual warranty. Couple that with a brand new joint venture between Z Man and Evergreen, vibrating jig of the same name and you have a one two punch to tackle the enthusiasm of any reaction bait fisherman on your list. Just be sure to order two because for $199.99 at TackleWarehouse you're going to be hard pressed to actually let go of the Jack Hammer once it lands on your doorstep.

Pitching/Swimbait Rod : G-Rods Game Changer

Pitching/Swimbait Rod (G-Rods Game Changer) : G-Rods is known as the first and only rod company to utilize Graphene, an innovative new material, that delivers performance, sensitivity, and durability enhancing properties in rod blanks. Up until recently this material has been quite an investment, and the only way to get a graphene based rod was to purchase a G-Rod Pro Bass Rod for $359 dollars. All that changed when G-Rods introduced their new Game Changer Series earlier this season, delivering so much of what we like about the Pro Bass Series, including the responsive and durable blank, all in a package that retails from only $189-$249 dollars. These rods make use of a proprietary blend of graphene and Toray carbon and are loaded with titanium guides and tangle free tip tops.

Within the more affordable Game Changer Series the 7'3 Med-Heavy and 7'6 Heavy casting rods are some of the best, and though designed for the complete range of heavy casting applications are also an excellent choice for throwing smaller 1oz. paddletail and jointed swimbaits.

These G-Rods easily perform beyond the rated specifications and never feel unwieldy like some swimbait rods, delivering both seamless casting and exceptional control when there is a fish on the line. These rods are available at TackleWarehouse for $229 and $239 dollars each, a reasonable price of admission to start fishing with graphene.

Finesse Casting Rod : Phenix TX-713C K2

Finesse Casting Rod (Phenix TX-713C K2): It's difficult to think of a finesse casting rod worthy of the application without going high end. This past year, we've found a new appreciation for Phenix's TX-713C K2 as our finesse casting rod of choice. Its stealthy, yet very refined aesthetic makes it a perfect gift choice for that finesse fisherman on your list who can appreciate a super high end blank combined with the highest grade components available. Phenix's TX-713C K2 is available at TackleWarehouse for $525.

Travel Rod : Daiwa Ardito

Travel Rod (Daiwa Ardito) : Have rod, will travel. Having the right travel rod is always a challenge as you just never know what the conditions and applications will be when you are on the road. You can plan but as all know with fishing those plans can go right out the window depending on how mother nature decides to challenge you on any particular day and trip.

With what has to be the most innovative, and weird looking, travel rod that Daiwa has ever introduced the Ardito provides the versatility of both a casting and spinning rod all within one amazingly portable package, enabling anglers to adapt to a wide array of conditions without having to carry multiple rods.

The Ardito consists of six different sections and a handle that can flip to either accommodate spinning or casting reels. The design is simple, quick to deploy, and pure genius. The rod blank itself is also surprisingly good and features an unsanded X45 Bias Graphite construction for better twist resistance, sensitivity, and backbone. The guides are all Fuji aluminum oxide and capable of handling braid, mono, and fluorocarbon. The innovative Ardito Travel rod is available for $139.99 at TackleWarehouse and comes with a travel case making it easier than ever for anglers on the go to always have a capable rod at hand.

Value Casting Rod : St. Croix BassX

Value Casting Rod (St. Croix Bass X): Sometimes, you just want a solid fishing rod built by a reputable company at a price that won't break the bank. There is no more reputable a rod manufacturer than St. Croix Rods out of Park Falls, Wisconsin It's no secret that their Legend Elite stick are among our personal favorites, but what really sets the company apart from most is the attention to quality craftsmanship they put into their product. Whether we're talking about one of their staple lines built in Park Falls, or one of their budget series made in their own factory in Mexico, you can always count on a good, clean build from St. Croix. Combine that commitment to quality with a reasonably price product and you have this year's Value Casting Rod pick, St. Croix's Bass X BXC71MHF - a Search For One candidate at the value price of $100.00 available at TackleWarehouse.

Value Casting Rod : ONE3 Defy Black

Value Spinning Rod (ONE3 Defy Black) : Looking for an affordable rod to pair up with the ONE3 Creed K spinning reel? As you might expect 13 Fishing has anglers covered with the Defy Black Series which retails for only $59.99 per rod, making it possible to make a complete combo for just over a hundred dollars!

The ONE3 Defy rods may be affordable but they still feel crisp and sensitive with Japanese 24 Ton HTC 2 blanks. They also don't look or feel like value rods with a combination of EVA and cork split handle grip designs and stainless steel guides.

There are a range of rods to select from ranging from Med-Light to Med-Heavy, and all with crisp fast actions, best of all every single rod retails for less than 60 dollars, which defies what most anglers expect to find in such an a value priced offering. 

Stay Tuned for Part 2 where we get into picks across the Enthusiast Gear and Lure Categories










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