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Reel Accessories Review

13 Fishing’s Trick Shop is Open for Customization


Date: 6/18/15
Tackle type: Reel Components
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.33 - INNOVATION AWARD!

Do you consider yourself a tackle enthusiast? Regardless of the industry enthusiasts take their gear seriously and whether it is something as small as a luxury watch or as big as sports car, enthusiasts often want the opportunity to put their own signature on their kit, making them representative of their unique tastes and personalities. 13 Fishing, a company that has become synonymous with pushing the fun envelope for anglers, is breaking new ground once again with their Trick Shop reel components, by allowing anglers to easily personalize their reels and make them truly their own.


13 Fishing Trick Shop Concept Reel Parts Kits Specifications

Components Concept handle assemblies, handle nut cover, handle nut, handle knob caps, Concept Spool Assemblies, Concept Star Drags, Guide Cap (Items are also sold separately)
MSRP $84.99


13 Fishing Trick Shop Concept Individual Component Prices

Component MSRP
Concept Handle assemblies $29.99
Concept Carbon Handle assemblies $44.99
Handle nut cover $3.19
Handle nut $4.79
Handle knob caps (set of 2) $4.49
Concept Star Drags $12.49
Guide Cap $6.49
Concept Spool Assemblies $31.99
Concept Deep Spool Assemblies $31.99


Looking to customize your 13 Fishing Concept Reels? The Trick Shop is open for business


Impressions: There are already a handful of third party vendors who offer custom parts for Daiwa, Shimano, and Abu reels so how is 13 Fishing breaking new ground? Basically because they are the original manufacturer of the reels and are proactively sanctioning, and even offering a wide range of specific components, to modify their reels.


The Trick Shop Components are sold individually or in entire kits

There are not many reel manufacturers out there that are actively endorsing reel modification but 13 Fishing has gone that extra step by trying to make it truly easy for end-users. The company is offering a variety of configurations ranging from individual parts like different anodized drag stars and handles to complete themed kits which include everything from the handle, spool, dragstar, handle nut, knob caps, cast control knobs, handle nut covers and even matching line guide caps.


There are many components available to fully customize your reel (Brushed Silver shown)

The level of detail the company went to in introducing this comprehensive lineup is impressive and the sheer number of color and style choices is truly dizzying. For example there are 19 handles to choose from and 16 different drag stars!


An example of the "Goldigger" Kit on a Concept C reel

Get Tricked Out: The first step to tricking out your reels is deciding exactly what you want your reel to look like. 13 Fishing makes it possible to visualize what your tricked out reel before ordering any components by providing an easy to use online configurator.


Prefer red? How about the "Red Dawn" kit

Whether or not 13 Fishing had the Trick Shop concept in mind from the very start we may never know, but it sure seems like this was all part of their master plan, as the parts and kits can be used on all of their Concept Reel models, including the A, C, E and even the enthusiast oriented KP reel.


Or maybe you prefer green components, there are so many options available

13 Fishing has done a nice job on the packaging and each Trick Shop component comes secured in retail friendly plastic boxes. When you look at all the colors and options it is hard to not feel like a kid in a candy store… what to pick, what to pick? Examining the individual components we found each to be nicely anodized and very consistent from one component to the next.


Matching handle knobs are sold in pairs for $4.49

Overall if you have a comfort level with basic reel maintenance, a set of small tools, and the confidence to tinker then modifications of this type will be both quick and easy. Personally I really enjoyed putting different configurations together and something as simple as a few color changes seem to alter the look of the Concept reels completely, and matching reels to your favorite rods has never been easier.


The Trick Shop offers both standard and new deep spool assemblies

While most of the Trick Shop parts focus on modifying the cosmetics of the reel there are a few Trick Shop parts that also allow anglers to alter the performance or application of their reels. This includes the lightweight Concept KP carbon handle which is available with EVA or cork knobs, and also the “Concept Deep Spool” assemblies which enable anglers to increase line capacity up to 135 yards of 12lb line, versus 100 yards on a standard spool. These are very welcome additions as many angling enthusiasts are just as interested, or maybe even more interested, in performance altering mods as cosmetic ones.


Looking to upgrade? How about a Concept KP Carbon Handle?


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