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Shimano BOOSTs Freshwater Hardbait Lineup


Date: 3/23/23
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: In advance of the Bassmaster Classic Shimano is bolstering their freshwater lure lineup with three new lures that make use of the company’s patented BOOST CONCEPT technologies. These new offerings include the Enber jerkbait, World Rush squarebill, and finesse oriented Zumverno jerkbait.


The Enber 60SP is one of three new freshwater BOOST hardbaits to debut this week at the Classic

Making the most of the BOOST Concept: The three new freshwater lures follow the initial two baits which were launched debuting the BOOST designs, the World Minnow and World Diver. Since then, Shimano also entered the hard bodied swimbait fray with the innovative ArmaJoint glidebait which we just reviewed last week.

As a quick refresher there are three main elements in the BOOST CONCEPT features. FLASH BOOST is an internal spring-loaded foil that pulses when the lure is moved, and at rest, and SCALE BOOST is a three-dimensional holographic film that replicates the scale patterns of prey at multiple angles. These two technologies are designed to help mimic the movements, behavior, and patterns of baitfish, to draw more strikes. JET BOOST is an internal spring-loaded weight that moves to the back of the lure creating a weight forward balance to increase casting distance and accuracy compared to lures of similar size.

All three of the new Shimano freshwater hard baits leverage at least two of these technologies. These baits are:

The Enber is kind of a cross between a crankbait and a jerkbait and features a long angled bill

Enber 60 SP FP: The Enber 60SP FP is designed to be a versatile jerkbait with a different profile than the previously launched World Minnow and Diver. Weighing in at ⅕ ounces, the extended tail of the bait is designed to mimic the profile of multiple baitfish species and is capable of diving to a depth of six feet.

A look at the combination of SCALE BOOST and FLASH BOOST features on the Chayu pattern

The Enber 60SP FP allows anglers to target the gamut of freshwater species with various techniques. The integrated FLASH BOOST technology creates an enticing flash during the retrieve, while SCALE BOOST technology provides lifelike baitfish patterns. Shimano explained that anglers can choose to fish the bait with a classic twitch and pause retrieve or a straight reel back to the boat technique, and it is also designed to be trolled, which is good for targeting species like walleye. The Enber 60SP FP will be available in nine patterns and retail for a MSRP of $18.99.

The Enber's bill enables the bait to be both twitched and paused like a jerkbait or straight retrieved like a crankbait

World Rush 56F FB: The one crankbait that was noticeably absent from the World lineup until now was a squarebill. The World Rush is a ½ ounce square bill with a hybrid square edge lip that is designed for covering water and targeting active fish in heavy cover.

A squarebill was missing from the World lineup... until now

It is capable of diving down to five feet and the hybrid edge square bill is designed to take plenty of abuse allowing the lure to deflect off various structure and quickly recover its tight wobble.

A look at the World Rush Green Craw pattern. Notice the window for the FLASH BOOST which will give the bait some extra pulse and movement during deflection

The WorldRush 56F FB will make use of Shimano’s proprietary FLASH BOOST technology which adds some extra flash as the bait navigates structure. It also gives the bait an extra bit of attention-grabbing flash when anglers choose to pause the retrieve. The World Rush will be available in ten patterns and retail for a MSRP of $17.99.

The World Rush's squarebill is designed for impact with cover

Zumverno 95SP: I’m not sure if Shimano needed another jerkbait in the lineup but the company’s engineers wanted to arm anglers with jerkbaits of all sizes. The Zumverno 95SP FB is a smaller jerkbait for downsizing to match the hatch and tough conditions. This ⅓ ounce bait measures a compact 3.7 inches and will descend to five feet.

The foil covered Hasu pattern has a window so the the FLASH BOOST foil is more visible

The Zumverno features a wide bill that is designed to generate an enticing side-to-side darting action and subtle rolling motion that is different than a traditional ripbait. There will be a whopping ten Zumverno patterns and these baits will leverage all the BOOST CONCEPT lure technologies. The Zumverno jerkbaits will also retail for $18.99 each.

The JET BOOST channel can be seen on the Smelt pattern

Our Quick Take: Shimano’s line of BOOST enabled hardbaits are starting to gain momentum and as demand for the baits grows the company is pushing in the chips and growing the series from a few baits to a complete arsenal. The addition of a squarebill makes sense and with the Enber and Zumverno Shimano now offers a complete range of jerkbaits for all conditions.

Shimano is introducing FLASH BOOST jigs, not freshwater jigs but saltwater squid jigs. Perfect application for the technology

When I first learned about these new baits I joked “what’s next a jig with FLASH BOOST?” The Shimano team said, “why yes, we are introducing jigs as well.” I thought they were joking at first, but the team really is launching FLASH BOOST jigs, not freshwater jigs, but a saltwater squid jig called the Sephia Clinch Flash Boost. I should have known. What’s next? SCALE BOOST frogs? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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