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PRODUCTTPREVIEW : Nate's Baits (continued)

Shad: Last but not least in our producTTpreview of Nate's Baits is actually the first bait Nate Lambrecht built - an eight inch shad profile bait. The bait shown here is the second iteration as the first had exposed joints and a different tail. By comparison to the other baits shown in this article, the Shad is tiny and really looks and feels like a nice little bait in hand. That is, until we take a step back and realize it's EIGHT INCHES long!


Introducing Nate's Baits Eight Inch Shad.


Nate's Baits Shad Specifications

Depth Any
Class Slow Sink
Size (Weight) 8" (4.9 Ounces)
Colors/Patterns 16 Standard Colors/Patterns
MSRP $40


The Shad's tail is formed out of the same material as the body.


In other words, this bait is the same length as the Jerry Rago Eight Inch Tool - a bait, that when we were in the process of reviewing two years ago, we thought was huge! It is amazing the perspective one gains after tossing these big baits for a while.


As with the other baits, the Shad has a full range of motion.


Availability: A last remaining bait we did not cover is the bluegill. This is a five and a half inch bait with the approximate weight of four ounces. This and all the other baits covered here are available immediately on order direct from the company's website at Natesbaits dot com. As far as we know, everything is made to order with shipments going out, typically two to three weeks after an order has been placed. Communication during the order process is conducted via email and responses are always very timely.


Nate's shad compared to the eight inch Rago Tool.


Conclusion: Is bigger really better or are we getting out of hand here? It sure is fun imagining what type of fish will attack baits of these size in waters where the big northern pike and musky do not live. Are there any bass really brave enough to take on such a challenge? Or are we looking at the potential of a trophy striped bass? Maybe both? Whichever the case may be, we intend to find out.


There's no way around it, these baits are HUGE!


Nate tells us that his journey into the bait making world was taken reluctantly at first, but he now finds it extremely gratifying to know people are able to put more and better quality fish in their boats because of a bait he's designed and built on his own. Stay tuned for our full review on some of Nate's Baits products. In the meantime, rest assured that the quality and service we've experienced thus far has given us the confidence there will be more of these baits in our near future.










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