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A "Game Changer" from G-Rods? (continued)


If you read our review of the Pro-Bass Series you know that we liked almost everything about the rod, but the one thing that we really didn't like was the Fuji hook hanger, and especially the placement of that hook hanger right above the rear grip, which negatively impacted two handed casting comfort.


A slick little hook hanger is placed above the reel seat


The Game Changer rods ditch the Fuji hook hanger for an integrated hook hanger that is angled forward to prevent line hang-up, and best of all it is located well in front of the fore-nut. In this area we view this implementation as an upgrade over the previous series.


The Fuji spinning reel seat is finished with an additional G-Rods badge


The new series consists of multiple casting rods designed for everything from power fishing with plastics to reaction baits, and specific applications covered include jerkbait, crankbait, and flipping.


In the new Game Changer Series is one new spinning reel


While there are seven casting rods in the new Game Changer lineup one of the rods that we are most excited about is the GC-7M-1S which is not a casting rod but the sole spinning rod in the new lineup. This 7'0" spinning rod features a medium action and is capable of tossing lures from 1/8-5/16oz. on 6-14lb. line.


The spinning reel also features proprietary titanium guides


The spinning rod exhibits a very similar styling to the casting rods, only the hook hanger is mounted on top of the blank for easier access away from the main line. Like all the Game Changer rods the spinning rod exhibits a clean matte finish, with "Game Changer" etched into the grip. Like the rest of the series it is also finished with a 1K carbon outer scrim on the bottom section which not only adds durability but is also very attractive, and quickly becoming a signature look for G-Rods.  


The Fuji reel seat has a dura-touch finish and when combined with the eva grips makes for a comfortable platform for your spinning reels


The Game Changer spinning rod feels very crisp in hand and our initial sensitivity tests are just as good as what we experienced with the Pro-Bass Series. Is it possible that G-Rods has made the Game Changer rods so good that they will cannibalize the original and higher end offerings? We certainly hope so!


Each of the rods is labeled with specifications above the reel seat. We notice that all of the graphics on the new rods is a little more subtle but still easy to read when rotated to reflect light


The GC-7M-1S looks like it will have a pretty wide range, capable of both finesse fishing and even some reaction bait fishing with the right choice of line. This new spinning rod is likely going to be sought after by anglers looking for an all purpose spinning rod. One of the goals that G-Rods had for this rod, and all of the new Game Changer rods, is to make them more affordable and easier to procure. We can already mark this box with a check as it is already available at Tackle Warehouse for only $219.95.  


It is surprising that G-Rods still ships each of these more aggressively priced rods with a high quality individually screened rod sleeve


One very nice plus on all the new series is that G-Rods is still shipping each of the Game Changer rods with a rod sleeve that is labeled with model number of the rod so that it is easier to keep your rod protected and organized when being stored or during transport.


There is no carbon insert on the butt of the Game Changer, these details are reserved for the Pro-Bass Series, but there is still a labeled butt cap


By definition a "Game Changer" changes the way something is done, thought about or made, and it looks like G-Rods might just have just accomplished just that with this exciting new series. When we first got a glimpse of the new series at ICAST last year we were excited about how the prototype rods looked, but wondered if G-Rods would really be able to bring them to market at the more aggressive price point while maintaining the quality and graphene design features. As we begin our field tests it will be very interesting to see just how these new rods will perform for a much broader audience, and so far we really like what we see and feel.  


Looking for the G-Rods Game Changer Rods? Try Tackle Warehouse











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