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LureFans USA Breathing New Life into Saturated Market


Date: 7/8/13
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Lurefans USA
Reviewer: Cal



Introduction: Every year products emerge from existing and new manufacturers alike. Thanks to ICAST, Summers here at TackleTour feature a deluge of new product both on our site and at our office. Every now and then, a package shows up with product we can't wait to share. Today is one such day. Introducing a new to the USA kid on the block Lurefans.

New to the US market this year are baits by LureFans USA.

Background: Lurefans USA realizes the market for hard and soft baits in the bass market is way oversaturated. This obviously does not stop anyone from trying and rarely does a new manufacturer have something different to add to the peg board. But such is not the case with Lurefans USA. Their modest line of hardbaits specifically are more angular and sculpted than usual and a few of their baits have a very unique, gill like pattern in their sides.

LureFans Hard Bait Specifications

A9 Airfang
5/16 oz
Conquer Dance 95
11/32 oz
CC60 Cunning Cub
1/3 oz
2 1/2"
1/2 oz
Lipless Crank
Siren Solo S4
1 3/4"
1/4 oz

The A9 Airfang is a 3.5" jerkbait.

Jerkbaits: There are two jerkbaits in their lineup, both measuring in under (4") and both weighing less than three eights of an ounce (3/8 oz). Lurefans A9 Airfang is the more traditional looking of the company's two jerkbaits. It features a thin, circuit board lip and angular sides that we can only guess at this point are what aids in the bait's action in the water. MSRP on the A9 Airfang is $16.99.

The CD-95 is a 3.75" jerkbait.

This bait features what appears to be a signature design by LureFans in these gill like impressions on the side of the bait.

The CD-95 Conquer Dance jerkbait is more unique with a traditional diving bill but this bait has 7 gill-like slits on each side, three of which appear to open into the cavity of the bait. MSRP on the CD-95 is $20.99.

The CC-60 and CC-60S are tiny little cranks.

This one in particular features a custom feather treble.

Crankbaits: The CC-60 Cunning Cub is LureFan's entry to the crankbait market. It's a small, two and a half inch crank weighing 9.6 grams or roughly 1/3 of an ounce. If cranked after a cast from the surface, diving depth is roughly two to four feet, but this miniscule crank is designed to sink slowly, so it can be counted down to deeper running depths as well. MSRP on the CC-60 is $12.99.

The Rattlesnake R65 is a smallish lipless crank with that same, signature gill pattern on the side of the bait.

Lipless Crank: Lurefan's Rattlesnake bait is a lipless crankbait measuring out at two and a half inches and weighing one half of an ounce. This bait also features the seven gill like indentations in its side with the last three gills open. MSRP on the R65 Rattlesnake is $16.99.

Old schoolers will appreciate the Siren Solo S4 spoons.


Spoons: Those fisherman who are still more old school than the majority will appreciate LureFan's Siren Solo S4 spoon bait. This spoon features a familiar S bend in the body of the bait, but also a tear drop profile with the signature gill pattern on one side of the spoon. It measures one and three quarters of an inch in length and weights one quarter of an ounce.

LureFans also makes a couple of soft plastic craw baits.

Conclusion: LureFans also offers two soft plastic craw baits that look to be interesting choices as trailers or flipping baits, but our interest with this company thus far are in its unique looking hard baits. They're smaller than traditional baits of similar design, but we're holding out judgment to see if they pack a big punch or not.

We're always anxious to see products that will potentially shake up the market. Only time will tell how much of a commotion LureFans USA will make.

For now, LureFans products can be found at TackleWarehouse, so if you want to jump the gun and test these baits out for yourself before we release our official on the water review, have at it. In the meantime, we look forward to our opportunity of testing these baits out for ourself.










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