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TackleTour Tournament Interview

TackleTour Tournament Interview : Luke Clausen (continued)


Day Three: They've found the fish, and have picked through the schools to fill their limits. The water has been pounded and the fish are feeling pressured. What in the world are the pros going to do on Day Three of our tourney? It's time to turn to the "F" word. Downsizing baits and line, switching to light powered rods, slowing down that presentation, you know what all of that means. It's time to declare, "What the Finesse?!?!" Day three of our tourney is all about finesse.

For line, Clausen is fishing a braid to fluoro leader combination on his spinning gear.

L.Clausen: My favorite finesse rod is the Double X F3.5-70XXS Shakey Head rod by far. I think it's a good blend between power and its still light enough where you're not going to break lighter lines. You can present heavier baits than with a really light drop shot rod. The F3-611XXS excels with light baits, light line, small hooks, but I think the Shakey Head rod is a little more versatile. I really use that rod more than anything when it comes time for finesse.


On my spinning setup, I'm using eight pound Tuf-line Super 8 Braid topped with a six or eight pound Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon leader. I choose the braid to fluorocarbon setup for pretty much all my spinning applications because it allows your hooksets to be a lot more consistent, you don't have as many mishaps with not getting fish hooked or even breaking fish off on a hookset. Also braid casts better than fluoro on a spinning setup so you're able to get more distance. Lastly there's less maintenance with braid as I find I'm not dealing with line twist three quarters of the way through your day fishing. You're always going to have line twist issues with spinning gear and I feel braid just handles that better.


For my reels, I use average, roughly 2000 sized reels when it comes to spinning. Smaller reels are lighter, but you get a smaller spool and I think that affects your casting distance. Conversely, you could go bigger, but then your entire setup ends up being heavier, not as well balanced and with more weight in your hand, you have less sensitivity. A 2000 sized real is definitely the happy median.


Clausen feels a 2000 size spinning reel is the best compromise between weight, spool size, and castability on his spinning rods.

Day Four: It's the last day of the tourney and we're culling our field of pros to the top ten anglers. The lucky ones get to continue our wacky tourney and if they're not ready to protest our format yet, they just might after they learn what we're limiting them to now on day four. The number one question we continue to receive here on TackleTour is if you could just have one... You know the rest. Yes, that's right, we're enlisting the pros in our Search For One campaign and limiting them on the last day of the tourney to one rod, and one reel. What will their combo be? Let's find out.

Clausen's pick in his Search for One? Again, the F6-70XX Tour Versatile wins.

L.Clausen: If you're only going to let me use one rod, I'm going back to the F6-70XX Orochi Double X Tour Versatile. It's a seven foot heavy action rod, but you can really do just about anything with it. It will work with a heavy spinnerbait, you can pitch and flip with it. About the only downside of this rod is it's a little stiff for any kind of bait with a treble hook in it, but pretty much anything else I can do. It's about the best all purpose rod I know.

For general purpose, I'm matching that rod up with a 6.4:1 gear ratio reel and spooling that reel up with fourteen pound Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon. I feel like I can do a lot of different things with that. That combo may not be the best for every situation, but it can do a lot of different stuff.

TackleTour would like to thank Luke Clausen for giving us a little insight into his tackle selections in what would be a very different, tackle-centric tournament.









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