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Autopsy Article

TackleTour Autopsy: Dissection of Snag Proof's Bobby's Perfect Frog (continued)


Let the Autopsy Begin: I remember dissecting a frog back in High School Biology and though the Snag Proof Perfect Frog is nowhere near as intricate the first incision immediately brought me back. Inside the body anglers will find the frog hook connected to the line tie as well as a small piece of lead that is connected above the hook. This piece of lead helps add total weight to the frog as well as balances it out so that it sits flatter on the surface.


The frog hook and line tie also hold a lead weight


It is important that the connection between the line tie and the frog hook is sound as this is basically like a snap connecting your line to the hook. Snag proof uses thick gauge wire to ensure a strong connection and because the hook is able to swivel side to side the hook points are able to rest at the perfect angle against the outer body of the frog which gives this lure its weedless properties.


The glass rattle roams freely within the frog's body


Once the hook is extracted it was easy to find the rattle inside the main body. This rattle is what gives the lure a subtle clicking sound when it is walked across the surface. The rattle is able to roam freely inside the cavity of the lure and bounces against the walls of the frog and internal hardware.


The rattle clicks back and forth when shaken


With the rattle extracted we could hear the metal bead click inside the pill shaped rattle. It sounded similar to a brass and glass setup and to be sure the pill was actually made out of glass we chipped off a small piece of the rattle. Sure enough this rattle consists of a small metal bearing sealed within a glass chamber. 


Just in case there was any doubt the pill is made out of glass


The only thing left to extract was the lead weight glued into the rear underbelly of the frog and the skirted legs. In the past I've experienced the lead weight on the original frogs would sometimes come out as the glue would weaken after prolonged use and I would have to super glue the weight back in. This wasn't the case with this particular lure which I have fished extensively on the Delta. I couldn't pry out the weight even with pliers and ended up having to cut it loose.


The lead weight is firmly attached on this lure


The Perfect Frog makes use of a silicone coated rubber skirt and the skirt on this lure was in great shape even after a season of use, there was no sign of color loss or matting. In the center of the skirt strands right at the rear of the inside of the frog we found a rubber ring which secures the strands in place and prevents the strands from coming loose and shifting from one side to the other. Some anglers still make modifications to this frog including changing leg material and when they pull out the strands this ring usually comes loose and stays within the frog's main body. I usually just trim a few strands off if I want to further reduce resistance. 


One last cut...


The frog's body is relatively thick at just over a millimeter thick walls in the main body and resist punctures well. We also found the frog's finish to be very durable and while we occasionally see some color bleed from other plastics it is difficult to actually scratch off any of the paint on these frogs. Permanent markers work well on these frogs just keep in mind that there is some bleed from the ink and crisp lines seem to widen over time.


...and all the components that make up the Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog


Every aspect of this frog makes it a good frog for the walking technique and the ability to further modify Bobby's design either with skirt modifications or adding details with markers makes this a great series for serious frogging fans. When it comes to walking a frog like a stickbait this frog's balance of weight and water resistance makes it easy to swing back and forth with small twitches of your rod tip. We didn't really find any surprises in this particular autopsy, it just reaffirmed our original thoughts regarding the lure's solid overall construction. The only negative of the frog's overall design is that it can and will take on water with extended fishing. Snag Proof addresses this with the new inner tube design in the Ish Phat Frog, perhaps it is time to rack up the "Sexy Ish" and take a look inside that lure as well. 


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