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Autopsy: Meshing with Savage Gear's 3D Line Thru Trout (continued)


With the pressure tests out of the way we were now ready to take a closer look inside the bait. The finish on the Savage Gear Line-Thru trout is painted on and doesn’t peel off or scratch off easily. In fact you pretty much have to gouge this bait to damage it. Cutting the bait apart was quite difficult beyond the head section.



A look at the moderate (slow) sink under water. Notice the attention to "imperfection" with the realistic looking tail fin


Inside we got our first look at the composite core which house both the line through tube as well as a lead weight in the underbelly. The size of the lead weight varies depending on the intended sink rate.


Time to see what the Savage Gear Line Thru is made of


Unlike so many traditional soft bodied swimbaits which require you to insert the treble hook into the plastic body of the bait this lure has a channel in the back of the composite mold that is designed to hold the hook firmly in place so that the bait doesn’t rip apart where the hook comes in contact with the body.


Peeling back the skin reveals a molded head and lead weight


This composite core is fused to the mesh


Next we turned our attention to the heart of this swimbait, the nylon mesh construction. The mesh is part of the initial core construction and extends from the core through the tail section. It is weaved in a tight pattern yet is not stiff, allowing for free range of motion while protecting all the joint sections from tearing. This bait is clearly poured in layers, first the mesh, then the core, then the plastic outer body that forms the profile of the trout.


A closer look at the mesh that extends through all sections as well as the insert to hold the treble hook


A look at the completely autopsied lure, this is one well built soft body swimbait that is designed to take plenty of abuse


We have already fished this bait both here in our local water as well as in Arkansas at Lake Ouachita and pitted this bait against big predatory fish like largemouth bass and giant stripers, none of which were able to do any performance inhibiting damage to the lure, which is not a surprise after getting an inside look at this bait here in the lab. There are a lot of swimbaits on the market but the new Savage Gear Line Thru does a better job than many of the competing baits when it comes to balancing out attractive swimming action with long term durability. Stay tuned for our complete review of the Savage Gear Line Thru Trout.










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