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TackleTour Autopsy: Consistency is King, the Megabass I-Jack (continued)


To further explore just what makes this bait so consistent we decided it was time to get a better look at what makes this bait tick, er.. knock, by cutting one open. We began by measuring all the I-Jack baits we had, and each and every one weighed in at exactly 1 ounce. In the tank the baits all floated perfectly evenly as well, which is also usually a challenge with knocking baits that make use of roaming bearings, sometimes in more than one chamber.


Open up...

The finishes on just about all Megabass hardbaits are excellent and the I-Jack continues that tradition with some of our favorite patterns including Gill, Ayu, and various shad patterns. When we tested abrasion the I-Jackís finish proved to be average, able to handle light abrasion but taking damage from both impact and direct contact with rough surfaces. Swinging hooks or contact with hard structure will damage the paint finishes on these baits.


Inside we find four main chambers, multiple weights, and a swinging pendulum

Cutting the I-Jack open wasnít that difficult, the lure has a relatively thick walled construction but it is entirely plastic. Inside of the lure we found a variety of weights along the bottom the bait, the largest being in the center on the belly of the lure to balance the bait out perfectly, and a pendulum in the heart of the bait.


The pendulum is held in place with an axle and secured firmly in place with bearings

The pendulum is the key to the I-Jackís exceptional consistency of action and sound, and unlike many sound and vibration bearing systems this design is completely isolated in place so that that the pendulum swings the exact distance and strikes the exact same side of the lure each and every time it wobbles from side to side.


To ensure additional consistency two small bearings hold the pendulum in the exact horizontal position so that it does not move vertically as the lure swims. No room for slop here.


Talk about detail, even the pendulum is branded, a detail anglers will normally never see

The result is not only the generation of the I-Jackís consistent knocking sound but also the baitís distinct wobble movement. As the pendulum shifts it also acts as an internal balancing system, shifting the weight back and forth to add to that very steady wobbling action. The very wobbling action that doesnít look all that natural from the boat must look like something completely different to fish as this bait has proven to be deadly effective across a wide range of conditions.


The heart of the I Jack is the swinging pendulum that delivers a consistent knock and aids with the wobble action

Consistency is king when we look at the I-Jack. Everything from the impeccable finishes to an internal design that is weighted to exacting standards, and a pendulum that creates both the fish attracting sound and movement, are all trademarks of what you expect from a Yuki Ito designed lure. Sometimes anglers wonder why Megabass lures are so effective, others that havenít fished them question why they are so expensive, but just take a look inside a bait like the I-Jack to witness the detail in design and no other justification is needed.


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