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Apparel Review

Stylish polarized sunglasses that fit over prescription glasses – Live Eyewear’s Vistana (continued)

Fit & Comfort: The first thing I did when I received my new pair of sunglasses was to put them on and see if they fit over my prescription glasses. Then, I finely adjusted them to wrap around my face firmly and comfortably. Thanks to the Vistana’s Flex2Fit temples, fine adjustments are quick and simple, and I was able to confidently bend them by hand without the worry of them breaking.


Live Eyewear's Flex2Fit temples make fine adjustment simple


After the adjustments, my small sized Vistanas fit my new frames perfectly although they didn’t seem to grab onto my skin as well as the Cocoons. That’s probably because the Vistana is made of a more modern, rigid TR90 material in the frames while the Cocoons incorporate the Soft Touch, a non-slip, soft, and smooth layer on the shades. The non-securing grip is easy to overcome by simply making adjustments to the Flex2Fit temples to grab more firmly.


A look at the result of DBT, where the lens is wrapped all the way around to the sides


Just like the Cocoons that I previously wore, the Vistana feels comfortable to wear over my new set of prescription glasses. After several full day fishing trips and daily driving, I would have to say these OveRx shades fit quite well and are very comfortable.


Designed to fit comfortably over your glasses

Performance: The Vistana comes with Polare lenses and performs well on the water. This lens is not only polarized but also blocks 100% of the harmful UV rays coming from the harsh sun. From what I see the gray Polare lenses on the Vistana seem lighter than the Polar TX gray lenses from my Cocoons, and the Polare lenses appear to be sharper. (Note: The new Cocoons now use the same Polare lenses. My old pair used Polar TX lenses) When you take the polarized sunglasses off and put them on and off again, you can definitely tell the different looking into the water, as they eliminate glare allowing better visibility.


Without polarized sunglasses


With Vistana Polare lenses, you can see how it reduces glare

The Vistana will help you see better into the water and shield your eyes throughout the day in the harmful sun rays. The wraparound design also provides good protection against wind while running the boat. With the wind and sun out of your eyes, you don’t have to worry about eye strain and can focus your full attention on catching fish.


The sunglasses come with a luxury soft-case and a micro-fiber lens cloth



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