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Apparel Review

Stylish polarized sunglasses that fit over prescription glasses – Live Eyewear’s Vistana

Date: 4/10/07
Tackle type: Apparel
Manufacturer: Live Eyewear
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.5 + EDITOR'S CHOICE

Do you wear prescription glasses and find yourself in constant search of a good pair of sunglasses that will fit over them? Well, there are a few brands out there that can accommodate us anglers who need to wear prescription glasses. Products like FitOvers and Live Eyewear’s Cocoons are fairly well known, but now there’s something even better called Vistana. This new pair of over-prescription sunglasses is a big improvement over previous products. Let’s see why.

Live Eyewear Vistana Specifications

Frame Style Over Rx/prescription glasses
Frame Size S, MS, M, L, and XL
Frame Material TR90
Frame Colors Gloss black, Tortoiseshell, Modern steel gray, and Bold mica
Lens Colors Gray and Copper
Features Flex2Fit temples, DBT technology, Polarized, blocks UV rays, protective case, micro-fiber lens cloth
Warranty Warranted to the original purchaser for life against any defect in materials or workmanship
Price $49.99

Impressions: Anglers who cannot wear contacts and need to wear prescription glasses at all times, including myself, are always on the lookout for a good pair of polarized sunglasses to wear while fishing. In the past, I relied on my trusty Cocoons, but since I changed glasses frames, the size Cocoons I have won’t fit anymore and the larger size just aren’t as stylish.


Introducing the most stylish over-prescription sunglasses... Live Eyewear's Vistana

At ICAST 2006, we were introduced to a new pair of stylish sunglasses called Vistana. Naturally I had to obtain a pair to match up with my new glasses and am here now to let everyone know how Live Eyewear’s Vistana performs.
My first impressions, comparing the Vistana to FitOvers and Cocoons, is that the Vistana is much improved in appearance in multiple ways. During our first team outing, Zander noticed immediately, asking if those are the new shades by Live Eyewear and commented on how much more stylish these are compared to my old pair.


Dynamic Base Technology wraps the lens all the way around eliminating any need for a frame that can block ones view from the corner of the eyes

DBT: Unlike traditional OveRx polarized sunglasses the Vistana frames are sleeker in design with smooth, curved lines rather than angular designs as seen in other models. The Vistana also eliminates the side shields by implementing a proprietary Dynamic Base Technology or DBT, which wraps the lens around the sides, in one continuous form.
The new Vistana polarized sunglasses come in many sizes that’ll fit your prescription glasses; small, medium-small, medium, large, and extra-large. The small Vistana will accommodate glasses up to 134mm x 36mm while the extra-large will fit over frames up to 146mm x 50mm. The frames are available in four different colors that can be mixed and matched with either a gray or copper colors lenses. With each pair of Vistana, comes a luxury soft case and a large micro-fiber lens cloth.

Vistanas come in a well packaged and detailed box

Field Tests: Aside from daily wear, I first took the Vistana into action during a bass fishing adventure with the team on Lake Berryessa. Our target? Smallmouth, spotted, and largemouth bass – the bass fishing triple crown. At this time of the year, the water was still somewhat cool and visibility on that day was extremely good, and it turned out to be perfect conditions to gauge the performance of these new pair of shades.


The Vistana fits nicely over my prescription glasses

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