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Apparel Review

“All Sports, All Polarized“ …We see just how well the Native Hardtop Sunglasses suit Anglers (continued)


Ergonomics: If I was to pick my favorite feature on the Hardtop the interchangeable temples and lenses would have to take second place to the fact that these glasses are light. In fact, they are so light that it is easy to forget that you are even wearing sunglasses at all. This makes the Hardtop an excellent choice for types of fishing that require constant movement. This would include bass fishing which requires constant casting of lures, and fly fishing.


Insert the key and rotate

The inclusion of the strapped “extreme” temples is a major plus for anglers. This allows fishermen to hold your sunglasses around your neck when not in use. This comes in handy when you need to apply more sunblock, or simply want to stow the glasses for a few minutes to wipe away sweat.

The jaws open

For the most part the interchangeable temples feel just about the same, the strap on the connected set is short enough that they don’t caught up in any clothing. Each time you open and close the temples the gator lock expands and contracts, only pressure is holding the temples in place.

Inshore fishing with the Hardtop, great on bright days on open water

I did find that after a season of use the gator lock temples did begin to loosen. This actually made it possible for the Gator Lock design to fail. If you remove the sunglasses hastily sometimes more pressure will be put on one side, this makes it possible for one of the temples to actually physically separate from the sunglasses.

The Native Hardtop comes with three other interchangeable lenses

The first time this happened I actually dropped the sunglasses right on the deck of the boat, only inches away from the edge. Since then it has happened many more times, but because I prefer the strapped temples it is easy enough to recover them without fear of dropping them in the water. Nevertheless this is one notable flaw in an otherwise very easy to use system.

The lenses are best kept in the protective plastic bags they come in

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