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Apparel Review

“All Sports, All Polarized“ …We see just how well the Native Hardtop Sunglasses suit Anglers (continued)


To remove the lenses simply grasp the lens firmly with one hand and pull away and down at the same time from the nose area. The lenses will pop out easily and we found this share of the process to be quick and painless. While easy to pop out intentionally they never once popped out during in the field inadvertently.


The removable temples

To put the lenses back in simply hold the lens by the edge and point the lens back into the nose socket then angle the other side back into the side arm of the frame. When we first attempted to change out the lenses we were a little frustrated by how hard it was to get the lenses back in. After time we learned to angle and bend the lenses without fear of damaging them as we inserted them back in toward the nose. After a few practice attempts we were able to swap out the lenses quickly enough.

The "extreme" temples come with an integrated security strap

Now onto the temple changes, for this process it is recommend that you use the provided“key” tool. While it can be done without the key you can risk damage to the frame. Start by inserting the key into the frame and rotate it 90 degrees, the Gator-Lok jaw will open up allowing you to remove the temple with the key still attached.

Notice how the strap is short enough so it doesn't even touch your clothing

Open up the jaw with the key on the replacement temple and place it back over the frame and rotate the key back down and repeat this process on the other side. This entire change takes less than 2 minutes.

The special "key" tool

The Gator Lok design is intelligent and changing temples was simple. While other manufacturers have similar designs this exact interchangeable system is unique to the Hardtop and is actually patented by Native.

The Gator-Lok jaws

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