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Rod Review

Getting to know glass all over again, the Lamiglas Skeet Reese Cranking Stick (continued)


Retrieving: Retrieving: The SR705R has surprisingly little bend for a glass rod, yet has that unmistakable forgiving fiberglass feel. While only the tip section actually bends, the overall rod feels soft and yet crisp on the retrieve at the same time.


The rod casted well, but if you want more distance there is a 7'6" model as well

This rod really is ideal when targeting larger fish, or when fishing extremely heavy weeded areas, where it is very important to get the fish's head up quickly. This rod has the muscle and durability of fiberglass with a sensitivity that is closer to that of graphite.

Fuji Alconite guides line this rod

Sensitivity: In terms of sensitivity the SR705R is better than most glass rods I have fished thanks to a thinner and more advanced wrap, but it still falls short of a graphite rod. When it comes to sensitivity graphite still reigns supreme, but overall the SR705R offers a surprisingly good blend of characteristics more akin to a hybrid rod than a pure fiberglass stick.

A hookhanger is placed above the foregrip


Durability: In terms of durability the SR705R really shines. Fiberglass is much more durable than graphite, and both during transport and while fishing you know this rod is not going to fail.

The tip on this rod has all the action

I was able to whale massive baits without fear, I even whipped around some huge swimbaits to see if the fast action tip was up to the challenge….no problem at all. When a fish is on the line even high sticking does little to stress this rod, and it offers plenty of muscle for all normal fishing.

When loaded up it is easy to see the tip at work on this fast action rod

Price & Applications: Though primarily designed for cranking and fishing jerkbaits the SR705R proved to be a pretty talented rod overall. The rod was good for pulling oversized spinnerbaits through the thickest vegetation, and I also found the rod good for large topwater plugs when targeting stripers. When you get into larger fish the fiberglass does inspire more confidence than graphite, and you can really muscle fish in as long as you are using a thick enough line.

It may be designed for serious cranking but this rod makes a great spinnerbait stick too

The 7 foot length was great for a wide range of lures and applications, but if you absolutely need more casting distance Lamiglas also offers the SR765R which is slightly more robust, has an additional six inches, and a fast/medium action.

Running blades deep over a point

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