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Rod Review

Getting to know glass all over again, the Lamiglas Skeet Reese Cranking Stick (continued)


Price & Applications Cont'd: In terms of price the SR705R is priced reasonably for 230 dollars. Fiberglass often cost less than premium graphite rods, not necessarily because the material is any cheaper these days, but because there is consumer perception that graphite is far superior to glass.


A look at the guide from the side and you can see the generous layer of gloss over this rod

If you put a premium on sensitivity that very well might be true, but glass does have many positive attributes as well including durability, feel, and forgiveness.

Set on that fish!

If you fish hard and donít make use of a lot of plastics then fiberglass certainly should be considered. Because I fish so many plastics I feel like I have a bias towards the material, but the SR705R has me rethinking things, as the rod is now one of my preferred cranking sticks.

This rod is all about power and turns fish quickly

The base of the rod is finished off with a rubber cap

A Delta largemouth taken cranking


Lamiglas Skeet Reese SR705R Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The Lamiglas SR705R is another quality stick from Lamiglas and is one of the best e-glass sticks we have ever seen. The quality construction makes use of solid components 9
Performance The Skeet Reese SR705R has once again peaked my interest in glass rods, the stick performed great fro cranking and also can pull double duty for some jerk baits and spinnerbaits 9
Price A reasonable price for a quality application specific rod. Many anglers think that fiberglass rods should cost less, but this rod is built with all the refinement and performance of a graphite rod 9
Features This rod has a quality design, and the real feature is the unique action afforded to anglers through the use of the glass construction 8
Design (Ergonomics) In terms of glass rods this one is one of the lightest we have fished. It may not be as light as graphite but its in the territory 8
Application Lamiglas and Skeet Reese have a quality rod here....one that is good for more than just cranking. the use of glass makes sense, and if you haven't used a glass rod for a long time this one will bring you back 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Excellent action L Still heavier than graphite rods, though good for a fiberglass rod
J Very durable L Not as sensitive as high modulus graphite
J Great for cranking and spinnerbaits  
J Handles big fish easily, turns lunkers fast!  
J Reasonable price

After fishing the Lamiglas Skeet Reese stick I have to say it definitely peaked my interest in glass rods, and Lamiglas has built a quality stick that utilizes the very best of what glass has to offer

Conclusion: The SR705R is everything a good fiberglass rod should be, light, reasonably sensitive, powerful, forgiving, and durable. It bucks the trend of heavy, sloppy, and deadened feeling fiberglass rods, with a quality design and construction that only glass experts like Lamiglas could pull off. I found the SR705R surprisingly light and responsive for a glass rod and defiantly landed more fish while ranking because of the rodís more forgiving traits. Go ahead and set the hook like you mean it, the SR705R drives the hook home without fear of pulling so hard that the lure will dislodge. Will I eat my words about fiberglass, not completelyÖ.but the SR705R has certainly peaked my curiosity in a material I had long abandoned, and is much better than fiberglass rods I have fished in the past. Lamiglas has built yet another great rod, and is proving to be one of the more innovative Tier 1 rod manufacturers. Skeet Reese can celebrate yet another win, this time with a quality rod that utilizes the very best of what fiberglass has to offer.










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