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Event Coverage

Back at the Big Rock 2014 Show Seeking Innovations (continued)


Gamakatsu: The Gamakatsu G-Finesse Tournament Snap was designed by Pro Angler Shin Fukae and makes it quicker and easier than ever to switch out lures like crankbaits and plugs. This stainless steel snap is designed to offer free range of movement but unlike traditional snaps it will not accidently open.


The Tournament Snap allows anglers to thread baits on and off quickly


This snap stays closed at all times because the eye of the lure is threaded onto the snap. During use the bait will not come off the snap and on the boat it only takes a second to rotate it cleanly off the snap with a quick twist and pull.


These snaps will never open accidently


The Tournament Snap is available in two sizes, medium and large and are rated for 60lb and 80lb and they come 10 per pack and retail for $5.99 each at Tackle Warehouse now.


Aquateko offers a nearly invisible swivel made out of fluorocarbon material


Aquateko: At the show we met up with Keith Kessler, President of Aquateko, a company that specializes in innovative terminal tackle. Here we checked out the "InvisaSwivel," a swivel made out of fluorocarbon material. These swivels are not only invisible in the water they are flexible and very durable.


Comparing the InvisaSwivel side by side with traditional swivels in the water


Since they are not metallic they are non corrosive and are neutrally buoyant so that when finesse fishing the swivel will not affect the sink rate. The company offers the InvisaSwivel in clear, red or chartreuse colors and sizes ranging from 12lb. test to robust 200lb. for saltwater species. A pack of five 12lb. swivels retails for only $4.99.   


Bend the Knot2Kinky leader and it will not kink


In addition to these innovative swivels the company also offers leader wire called "Knot2Kinky" which is constructed out of nickel titanium. As the product's name suggests this wire is knottable and kink resistant. It is super elastic and will never corrode and yet is stronger than pure titanium wires. The wire stretches and recovers absorbing shock while keeping toothy predators pinned. The Knot2Kinky product is available in a range of lengths and tests ranging from 6lb to 100lb. and a 10 foot strand of 25lb. test retails for $18.99.


Keith shows us his innovative swivels and leaders


Thanks for joining us on our trip to Las Vegas at the Big Rock Show. This was a great way to kick off the season and we are excited about the new tackle coming down the pipe and catching some lunkers in the process. Time to head back to the Bay Area and get back to our regularly scheduled tackle reviews, but before that maybe one more trip back to American Fish for some good food and a fish story or two.










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