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Event Coverage

New Lures at the Big Rock 2014 Show in Las Vegas (continued)


Persuader: At the show Persuader Lures showcased a new addition to their already expansive spinnerbait lineup, the new for 2014 - "Rattlin Blade." Designed to deliver enhanced sound underwater the new spinnerbait contains two diamond pattern blades to create more disturbance in the water but the real innovation is the addition of a brass chamber on the larger blade which houses rattling beads which generate clicking sounds with each rotation of the blade.  


Persuader introduces a new spinnerbait, the Rattlin Blade


The rattle will generate noise even when the blade is slow rolled and uses brass beads to create the added element of sound. The baits feature Pro-tie skirts with tails which hide the Mustang Ultra Point 4/0 and 5/0 hooks.


To see what is so special about this product you need only look at the blade which houses a sound chamber


When the baits become available in the next few days they will come in two sizes and weights (3/8oz. and 1/2oz.) and a variety of popular patterns including traditional white, chartreuse/white, black/red, orange, shad and bluegill. The new Persuader Rattlin Blade continues the company's tradition of manufacturing right here in the U.S.A., and each bait will retail for $7.49 each.


Cliff Liddy shows us the innovative new blade


Lunkerhunt: When it comes to high quality ultra-realistic baits the team at Lunkerhunt is crushing it. Their award winning Lunker frogs and Bento baits are becoming popular among bass anglers coast to coast and this season the Bentos are getting bigger and crossing over into coastal applications.


Are you a fan of the award winning Lunkerhunt Bento? The Company now offers new sizes and even a coastal series which extends the bait's addressable applications


The new s4.5" bento baits continue to provide a lively keeled tail, holographic core and impressive finishes designed to accurately mimic local baitfish. The slightest movement on the line is designed to bring these baits to life, and the new larger sizes can entice larger fish to strike when they desire a more substantial meal.


The new Saltwater Bentos come in specific saltwater patterns like Mackerel


Taking things even further the company also unveiled a new Saltwater Bento series which features the same design in a much larger 5.5" form factor and patterns like Anchovy, Mackerel and Maui Maui which are designed specifically for targeting coastal fish. These new baits look fantastic and will come 4 per pack and retail for $7.99 each.


In "Dust we Trust"


Lip Ripperz: If you are a die hard trout angler then chances are you already have plenty of Lip Ripperz products in your arsenal. One of the newest the company is introducing a new product called "Hatchery Dust." For those of us that wished we could fish with the same hatchery pellets that the fish grow up eating there is now a solution.


Ryan shows us the new Hatchery Dust which is a supercharged version of the same food that hatchery trout are raised on


Lip Ripperz Hatchery Dust is a supercharged hatchery pellet formula that sticks to any doughbait. This is the same food that trout were raised on in hatcheries their entire lives before getting stocked in lakes and rivers and is available in five flavors including traditional natural, super cheese, garlic crawler, garlic mealworm and super garlic. If you are one of those anglers that trusts in dust, then this is a must have.


Stay tuned for part 2 or our Big Rock Show Coverage from Las Vegas









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