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Reel Preview

Detailed photos and information on the 2009 Abu Garcia Revo baitcast and spinning reels (continued)

Sorön STX: Abu Garcia gets aggressive when it comes to spinning this season and the new Soron STX spinning reel is one sharp looking reel. The color combination and details throughout the spinning reel make this a contender with exciting new features designed specifically for handling modern superlines.



Introducing the new Abu Garcia Soron STX spinning reel


So what's the story with the Abu Garcia Soron STX? Well... with the increasing popularity of braided lines spinning reels still are not nearly as  commonly spooled with these lines compared to baitcast reels. Abu Garcia is introducing a new spool design called the Superline Spool System (S3) and it will only available on the Soron STX. The S3 allows anglers to spool on braided line without the use of a backing material on the bare spool like one used to do with electrical tape or monofilament line. The S3 incorporates Abu Garcia's patent pending Fast Tie Down Design which uses two elastomeric rings built into the spool which prevent superlines from slipping on the spool.


The reel's appearance is modern yet still makes use of the elements that are instantly recognizable as a Abu


Abu Garcia Soron STX

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
STX10 10+1 8.2 oz 6/110 5.1:1
STX20 10+1 9.6 oz 8/130 5.1:1
STX40 10+1 11.0 oz 10/210 5.1:1
STX60 10+1 15.5 oz 12/250 4.8:1
STX70 10+1 21.7 oz 17/250 4.8:1


The Soron STX comes with a spare spool. Notice only the main spool has Abu Garcia's Superline Spool System (S3)


Not only is the spool designed to handle braided line, the Soron STX reel is also made tougher. The body, body cover, rotor, and bail arm are built with the proven X-Craftic aluminum alloy. This material is designed to be lighter and tougher than normal aluminum and can even be used in saltwater fishing as it is much more corrosion resistant. Like the baitcast version, the STX spinning reel uses the Carbon Matrix Drag system and 10+1 HPCR bearings. It also employs the hefty Duragear so hard hooksets from non-stretch braided lines will not damage the guts of the reel.


The reel has a solid construction using an X-Craftic aluminum alloy


Additional features: Everlast Bail System, stainless steel main shaft and hardware, a fluorocarbon spare spool, and comfort soft touch paddles. The Abu Garcia Soron STX will retail for: $129.99 (STX10 and 20), $139.99 (STX40), and $149.99 (STX60 and 70)


A spinning reel designed to handle braided lines


Cardinal 500ALBi: The Cardinal 500ALB gets a stunning redesign and yet still proves to be a great value. The 500ALBi is new for 2009 with a complete makeover. The body construction is now more rigid and durable thanks to the use of the X-Craftic aluminum alloy that we are seeing in all the other reels by Abu Garcia. Ten bearings are used to provide smooth operation while Duragear gears form the power train.


A first look at the redesigned Cardinal 500ALBi


The Cardinal 500ALBi also features a Multi-Disc Drag System for smooth drag pressure and Abu's Everlast Bail System for durability. In addition the reel comes with a spare spool to hold a fresh spool of line ready to be used.


A graphite spare spool is included with the reel


Abu Garcia Cardinal 500ALBi

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
C501 10 7.5 oz 6/110 5.5:1
C502 10 9.5 oz 6/175 5.5:1
C503 10 9.6 oz 8/180 5.5:1
C504 10 10.9 oz 10/210 5.5:1
C506 10 14.7 oz 12/250 4.8:1


A great value having features of higher end reels


The spinning reel is available in five different sizes and will retail for a great value of $69.99 for the 501, 502, and 503ALBi and $79.99 for the 504 and 506ALBi models.


The body is now even more rugged


Conclusion: Abu Garcia has in the span of two seasons transformed from a brand with a storied and rich history to come to offer one of the hottest and most sought after brands by bass fishermen. The Revos have won over many anglers over the last season and we are excited to see Abu Garcia expanding this series of low profile reels, providing cranking power via the Winch or more line capacity with an even deeper spool with the larger profile Revo Toro. While there is no doubt these new contenders will make the baitcaster brawl even more exciting Abu shows us that they are serious about spinning as well with the Soron being the first spinning reel on the market with a patent pending spool designed specifically to better manage braided lines. With ICAST just weeks away the top Tier 1 reel manufacturers have already started to deliver, and Abu does just that as the brand makes a bold statement with their new Revo and Soron reels.












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