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Reel Preview

Detailed photos and information on the 2009 Abu Garcia Revo baitcast and spinning reels (continued)

Revo Winch: Crankbait anglers are going to love the Abu Garcia Revo Winch which is made for slow, high-powered retrieves, great for running deep crankbaits or pulling fish out of cover. The Revo Winch is designed with a low speed 5.4:1 gear ratio providing great power with each turn of the handle. The handle is the same as the one on the Skeet Reese reel having a measurement of 105.35 mm.


The Revo Winch is made to produce powerful retrieves


Abu Garcia Revo Winch

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
Winch 10+1 8.54 oz 12/175 5.4:1
Winch-Left 10+1 8.54 oz 12/175 5.4:1


A 5.4:1 gear ratio makes the Winch a good reel for crankbaits


Producing this powerful low speed retrieve is an oversized "Duragear" made of heavy duty and corrosion resistant brass. The frame and sidecovers, same as other Revos, are made of X-Craftic aluminum alloy. In addition the Revo Winch uses eleven HPCR bearings, a six pin centrifugal braking system, and Abu's smooth Carbon Matrix Drag system, all put together to give this powerhouse a relatively low total weigh in of only 8.54 ounces.


It uses a 105.35 mm Power Handle


The Abu Garcia Revo Winch is already available at selected retailers in both right and left hand retrieves and retails for $199.99.


The Revo Winch is already available at stores with both left and right hand retrieves


Revo "Skeet Reese": The Skeet Reese Revo was first introduced at the 2008 Bassmaster Classic and has been available at selected retailers for a few months now. What's most noticeable about this baitcast reel are the vivid trademark Skeet Reese colors of the reel.


Here's the Skeet Reese Revo


The reel has Reese's trademark colors


Abu Garcia Revo "Skeet Reese"

Model Bearings Weight Line Cap (lbs/yds) Gear
Skeet 10+1 6.8 oz 12/145 6.4:1
Skeet-L 10+1 6.8 oz 12/145 6.4:1


The reel uses the larger Power Handle


This reel was based off of the Revo Premier with tweaks from Skeet Reese to fit his personal preferences. The reel is built using a one-piece X-Craftic aluminum alloy frame and sideplates producing a light weight of only 6.8 ounces. Like the Premier, the Revo Skeet Reese also has a 6.4:1 gear ratio.


Skeet Reese not only put his name on the reel but made improvements to fit his personal needs


The reel gets a major upgrade when it comes to the bearings, having 10+1 HPCR bearings versus the Premier's 6+1. Aside from the bearing upgrade you will notice the larger handle and knobs for more power and torque upon retrieve. The handle is 105.35 mm in length compared to the Premier's 90.02 mm. And lastly, the Revo Premier used magnetic brakes but Skeet opted to use a centrifugal brake system for his reel.


Here's the Revo Skeet Reese and Premier. The Skeet reel was based off of the Premier


A neoprene reel cover comes with the Revo SR


The Abu Garcia Revo Skeet Reese is available in both right and left handed retrieve and retails for $279.99.


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