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Shimano and Jackall Prepare to Launch New Poison Adrena rods and Lures at the Classic  


Date: 3/13/19
Tackle type: Rods, Reels, Lures
Manufacturer: Shimano & Jackall
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: The Bassmaster Classic is upon us once again and a number of manufacturers are leveraging the show as a launch platform for new tackle. Shimano and Jackall have teamed up to introduce a refreshed line of Poison Adrena rods, as well as two new lures designed to enhance your bass hunting arsenal.


Poison fans rejoice, the Adrena rods are coming back and they look more exotic than ever


Poison Adrena Rods with Spiral X Core Blanks: The Adrena rods are coming back this season and will now feature Shimano's latest proprietary Spiral X Core blank construction process which includes internal and external layers of carbon tape combined at opposing angles on a layer of NanoAlloy carbon material.     


“What this all means for bass anglers is a rod that won’t roll over during the cast for better distance and the exceptional accuracy,” explains Trey Epich with Shimano’s product development staff, “along with providing unsurpassed strength, rigidity and responsiveness.”


The rods will make use of Shimano's Spiral-X construction process and materials paired with CI4+ reel seats


The Spiral-X construction process is the same type of technology that anglers have seen on other premium rods from the Shimano and G.Loomis lineup, including the enthusiast oriented Conquest series.


To further improve the overall weight and sensitivity of these rods the Poison Adrena's rear grip consists of a Full Carbon Monocoque design that extends the blank seamlessly into a hollow grip.


One of the coolest things about the Adrena rods are the full carbon monocoque rear grips that are lightweight and enhance sensitivity


The reel seat on the new rods are constructed from Shimano's CI4+ material and the guides are made up of semi micro K guides with stainless steel frames and SiC inserts. In total there will be four rods launched this week at the Classic and they include a 6’11’ medium, 7’2” heavy and 7’3” medium heavy casting rods covering a wide range of techniques, and a 6’7” ML spinning rod designed for finesse fishing applications ranging from dropshot to Ned rigs. These new rods will be available at the end of March and retail for $349.00 to $359.99 depending on the model.


Shimano's new flagship baitcaster, the Antares 70G, is here


The Antares 70G is here: Though the new Antares will technically launch this week at the Classic for the Americas the new reel is already available in limited quantities at some etailers and retailers, including Tackle Warehouse. This flagship baitcaster boast significantly improved ergonomics and also ups the casting performance with the new MGL III spool which is designed to start up quicker than ever, making this an excellent reel for pinpoint pitching of lightweight lures or extreme long distance casting, with a wide range of brake settings. The new Antares reel features a 7.4:1 gear ratio capable of retrieving 31 inches of line per crank, has 10 S A-RB ball bearings, and weighs in at 7.8 ounces, thanks to the magnesium Hagane body. As you might expect this premium basitcaster is positioned right at the hard-core enthusiast market and retails for $599.99 each.


Jackall's new 1/2oz. crankbait is called the Chubble 80SR


Meet the Jackall Chubble: Jackall is introducing two new hardbaits at the upcoming show, starting with the Chubble 80SR crankbait. The Chubble is a new 3.1 inch, 1/2 ounce, crankbait that makes use of an internal magnetic weight transfer system that aids in casting, and helps the lure run true when burned back to the boat. The bait comes armed with nano-coated hooks for better hook penetration, and a hook bumper keeps the hook from interacting with the magnet within the lure's body. The Chubble is designed to be fished around structure and the square bill is reinforced so that it will bounce off rock and timber safely. While pricing is not yet announced the Chubble will be available in eight colors – RT Holo Bluegill, RT Scale Minnow, SG Threadfin Shad, Ghost Wakasagi, Super Shad, Blueback Gold Chartreuse, RT Escape Craw, Black Back Craw.


The Jackall Deracoup is a new spintail jig that is designed to be easy to fish and has a provision in the tail to minimize line tangles, a common issue with many spintails


A new Spin, the Jackall Deracoup: It seems like spintail jigs are all the rage now, and Jackall's new Deracoup intends to offer anglers a better option with a special tube in the rear that reduces line tangles, a common problem with many spintail jigs. The metal bodied Deracoup will be offered in three sizes and weights including 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ounce versions, and a total of eight colors – Blueback Chartreuse, Clear Shad, Dera Shad, HL Bluegill, HL Gold Black, HL Lime Gold, HL Red Tiger and Silver. Like the Chubble the pricing for the Deracoup will be revealed at the Classic.  









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