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Rod Preview

Savage Gear Introduces New Fishing Rods for 2018 - Meet the Browser Series (continued)


We received a Browser XH Swimbait rod for testing and our initial look in the lab looks promising. For an 8 foot rod rated from 2-8oz. the rod feels quite light and responsive. The rod weighed in at 7.3oz. and seems to balance out better with larger round or oversized baitcasters, which is appropriate considering this particular rod is designed for big swimbaits and carries a line rating of 15 to 40lb. test.


The reel seat looks like the Seaguide Alien Series


The reel seats are marketed as custom but they look like Seaguide Alien Series seats which are comfortable to grip and provide plenty of access to the blank on both the sides and trigger edge. One of the things that we like about the seat is the second locking ring which ensures a tight grip on both small and large baitcasters.


A second locking knob helps secure even large reels on the swimbait rod


The guides that Savage Gear selected for the Browser rods are Seaguide CCS guides with what looks like RSOL rings which are rated 1.5 times that of quartz, so they should be able to easily handle braided lines.


We have seen these rings before and they are designed to handle both goof thermal conductivity and high fracture toughness, maintaining their round shape and preventing any line damage and smoother casts.


Seaguide CC guides are rated to handle braid


The handles on the rod make use of a combination of EVA foam with an aggressive black and grey pattern combined with composite cork for the main and foregrip while the rear grip makes use of cork and composite cork in an ergonomically shape that provides plenty of grip. The larger and heavier rated the rod the longer this grip will be.


Our first few casts with the rod felt good, and the Browser loads launches big baits with confidence, mostly relying on the upper section of the rod to cast big baits without having to force them. We haven't confirmed with Savage Gear but our guess is that the 24-ton carbon utilized within the rod blank is Toray material, it just looks and feels like it.


A sculpted cork and composite cork rear grip finishes off the rod

In total there will be fourteen new models available this coming season.  Three 7-foot spinning rods include Medium Light, Medium, and Medium Heavy for your finesse to big bait applications  Three 7-foot models include Medium, Medium Heavy, and Heavy.  Two 7-foot 4-inch models include Medium Heavy and Heavy.  Two 7-foot 6-inch models include Heavy and Extra Heavy.  One 7-foot 11-inch Extra Heavy, and three 8-foot models including Heavy, Extra Heavy, and Extra-Extra Heavy for your big bait/swimbait applications. 

The new Browser Series from Savage Gear will be aggressively priced from only $79.99 to $129 dollars making them accessible to value oriented anglers that still demand performance


As you might expect from both Okuma and Savage Gear making these products available at a reasonable price is a high priority and the Browser rods will retail for very aggressive prices of $79.99 to $129.99 dollars and come backed with a 1 year limited warranty.


We look forward to putting our test rod through the paces, and being a heavy swimbait rod we will be loading this one up with baits all the way up to and beyond the rated 8oz. maximum specification to see just how "savage" this rod really is.









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