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The Enthusiast Oriented Steez AGS Rods are Back and Cater to U.S. Applications (continued)


The foregrip on casting rods is a machined aluminum nut that is finished with a matte soft-touch finish. This same nut is used as the rear grip on the spinning rods and gives the rod a high-end look. The One felt really comfortable in hand and the entire rod felt light, balanced, and extremely refined. Over the next few months I really look forward to getting to know the unique attributes and character of this rod.


The blanks are designed to be thin-walled because the SVF Compile X and X45 create such a rigid construction. This creates a rod that is light and crisp handling


Daiwa went to great lengths to give each of the new Steez AGS rods a unique design to better attack the rod's intended application. For example "The Sensor" casting rod may look like the other rods cosmetically but it has an embedded inner titanium tip that is over-wrapped with graphite, similar to the classic Super Megatop, to create that characteristic visual twitch and vibration. 


In addition to a fixed hanger each rod comes with an optional dual pronged hanger that can be placed anywhere to angler's specific preferences


The new Steez rods also feature a fixed hook keeper, and on "The One" that open keeper is located right above the rear grip, a location that many readers probably know that I personally am not keen on. Daiwa realizes that there are others like myself, and that pleasing all enthusiasts is difficult, and thus is bundling each rod with a adjustable open hook keeper that can stow baits either on top or bottom of the hanger. This implementation is similar to the classic Fuji hanger but with two pronged design.



There are a total of 13 rods in the new 2021 Steez AGS Lineup, including 10 application specific baitcasting models, and three spinning rods. All of these rods are one-piece rods and come bundled with a branded rod sleeve to help protect those premium carbon fiber guides. Anglers may remember that one of the biggest issues with these guides is damage coming in and out of rod lockers, and these sleeves are designed to help protect the rods during transport and everyday use.


The concept name of each rod can be found on the split grip



It is good to see Daiwa going back to their enthusiast roots with the new series. The Steez is back!


The 2021 Daiwa Steez AGS rods were unveiled at the Classic and are available now in limited quantities for $549 dollars each. Daiwa has also already started to share their new ICAST offerings, including a new U.S. Steez CT SV TW 70 baitcaster constructed out of magnesium and with similar gearing to the updated Zillion. This reel was designed to pair perfectly with these new lighter Steez AGS rods.


My initial thoughts about "The One" and the Steez AGS rods in general are very positive. This is a Steez lineup that is designed and built with the features and refinement that enthusiasts demand, in actions that cater much more to U.S. fishing styles and applications.


I wish that I could keep fishing the new rod but I had to cut field test hours short as it is time to pack up and head to Orlando for ICAST 2021. "The One" will just have to wait until I return, but it is nice to be able to say "the Steez AGS rods are back."










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